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re french burma

this story makes no mention of the french who are now invading by
superior numbers all foreign tourists and business into burma,
excepting chinese and thai nationals. britain figures now behind the
french in leading investor burma, with total gaz line, club
mediterranean and tourism.

please send me any information you have on french intervention burma,
and if you have any contacts with french diplomatic corp burma.

The Nation/6.11.95

SINGAPORE _ Singapore said yesterday that it was sending a
75-member business mission to Burma to explore new investment and
trade opportunities.

The delegation, comprising business professionals from both the
government and private sectors, will begin today the week-long
visit sponsored by the Trade Development Board_ (TDB).

Private business organizations involved in the hotel,
entertainment, exhibition, construction I engineering and public
works industries and trading and financial services will be
included in the mission, the TDB said.

Singapore is the second largest foreign investor in Burma after
Britain. At the end of August its investment commitments in Burma
totalled US$528 million in 31 projects.

Burma has sought more investments from Singapore, which has
pursued a policy of "constructive engagement" with Rangoon's
military regime and promoted business ties to encourage the
country to open up to the world. _ Agence France Presse.

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