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My resume

Sawasdee Khun Douglas:

Attached (I hope, if the technology holds) is my current resume.
I should point out that my interest in returning to the border
is half-fantasy, since right now I am undergoing desensitization
treatments for an allergy to beestings which I developed at
Kaeng Krachan.  (I was stung by a rainforest bee and had a bad
reaction, which caused Peace Corps to decide to send me home.) 
I would have to consult with my allergist about the advisability
of another remote posting; also I am very much involved with a
class I'm teaching this semester in an immigrant neighborhood of
San Francisco.  Nonetheless, please let me know of any
opportunities that come up.  My heart is still very tied to the
border rainforest; in fact, the night I was stung by that stupid
bee, I fell asleep wheezing and puffed up with hives and not
certain whether I would wake up in the morning, but absolutely
sure that there was no better place to die than the Tenasserim.
 I could redirect my life on short notice for the right thing.

Choke dee--

Laura Arnow

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