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Burmese Democratic Party Abbreviati (r)

Subject: Re: Burmese Democratic Party Abbreviations ...

ABBESU (All Burma's Basic Education Student Union), which is mainly run 
by High School Students who left Burma in 1988 and those who remain inside 

DNSOB (Democratic National Student Organization of Burma), I am not sure 
who are running this group. If I am correct, your abbreviation is 
wrong. There is one group in Bangkok called "ONSOB" (Oversea National 
Students Organization of Burma), which is run by Burmese students in Bangkok.
Ko Maung Maung Than and Ko Myo Aye from Australia might have updated info 
on this group.


Tun Myint

On Thu, 9 Nov 1995, Conference 'reg.burma' wrote:

> Date: Thu, 9 Nov 95 01:55:08 EWT
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> Subject: Burmese Democratic Party Abbreviations ...
> From: Michael Pasco <javaman@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: Burmese Democratic Party Abbreviations ...
> I came across two abbreviations I have not seen before-
> 1.  ABBESU
> 2.  DNSOB
> Does anyone on Burmanet know what these stand for?
> Thanks-
> Mike P