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Japan's Ruling Party Seeks Friendsh

Subject: Japan's Ruling Party Seeks Friendship with the NLD


Released by ISBDA on November 8, 1995.

Japan's ruling party New Party Sakigake has sent a delegation to Burma to
establish political partnership with the National League for Democracy
(NLD), Japanese daily Asahi Shimbun reported. 

Representative Mr. Noboru Usami and Mr. Muneharu Wada of  Sakigake's
Headquarters have visited Rangoon from November 3 to 5 and they met Daw
Aung San Suu Kyi and other NLD leaders to discuss underlying issues in the
process towards democratization and the securing of basic human rights  in
Burma. Both parties have achieved certain agreements on closer and
effective collaborations in the future.

At the press conference held at the Sakigake Tokyo Headquarters yesterday,
Party Secretary General Mr. Yukio Hatoyama said that his request for visa
to visit Myanmar was denied by giving a reason that the situation in Burma
is quite delicate and tense. It was unveiled that, in the letter to his NLD
counterpart, Mr. Hatoyama  suggested to initiate collaborative programs
with an ultimate aim of human rights improvement in the Asia region. He
also commented that it is quite unrealistic at this moment  to regard Burma
as a country with significant progress towards democracy and human rights.