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ABSDF Statment for 75th Anniversary

Subject: ABSDF Statment for 75th Anniversary of the National Day

 Statement of the All Burma Students Democratic Front (ABSDF) on the 
75th Anniversary of the National Day
        10th Waning of Tasaung Mong 1357 Burmese Era or 16th of November 
marks the 75th anniversary of the National Day in Burma which caused  
the  first students 
strike against the British colonial education in Burma.  The National Day 
in Burma attains 
its significant meanings and important role in the Burmese nationalism 
movement from 
British colony for its influence for the birth of nationalism and 
anti-colonial education 
sentiment among the Burmese nationals.
        It is also the historic day of significance for the beginning of 
the important role of 
the students in the Burmese national politics. The Burmese students will 
for liberation, 
readiness to fight for the justice and their sacrifice in the struggle 
for the sake of their own 
country and their citizens has marked the symbol of students movement, 
and  was born 
along with the spirit of Fighting Peacock from this historic first 
students strike. It also 
paved the way of the next student generation and remind them to take a 
forefront role in 
the struggle of freedom from oppression.
        We have been fighting against the military dictatorship in Burma 
with respect to 
the good dignity of our  former generation. It is a crucial time right 
now for building up 
the national unity and cooperation in the struggle against the cunning 
and foxy military 
regime in Burma.
        The dignity of Burma and its citizens have been defamed in the 
world for its  ruling 
military regime in Burma.  The human dignity, the rights to life and 
political rights of the 
Burmese people are restrained entirely by the military dictator to grip 
the power in their 
hands.  Furthermore the military made ruined of our education system 
which is the basis of 
the human development in our life. Due to their mismanagement and 
corruption in their 
military Bureaucracy in the state economy, Burma has become one of  the 
least developed 
countries designated by the UN.  Burma that once gained the reputation 
among the 
international community  has become the country branded as a number one 
exporter of 
heroin, with the alarming numbers of AIDS/HIV positive patients and 
prostitutes and also 
with its corrupted Bureaucracy system.
        Under the thirty-three years reign of military dictatorship, 
Burma is under poverty 
and has lost its national dignity in the world forum. Thousands of 
Burmese youth fled their 
own country and study or work any odd jobs they can get regardless of low 
condition and discrimination. Over 100,000 illegal Burmese workers are 
working in 
neighboring Thailand without migrant workers rights and suffering many 
forms of 
discrimination in their working-place. The educational documents and 
certificates they 
have earned in the Burmese educational institution are quite low from the 
international standard and norm.
        We need to work hard to build up our meaningful future in order 
to emerge the 
dignity of Burma again. Thus it is an essential duty in implementing our 
work to terminate 
the military dictatorship which deterring our will of development.
        If we can not build up the national esteem and awareness for 
that, we will be the 
prolongly military servitude under their dictatorial and our rights will 
be barred from 
participation  in the current  development of the world. We, the ABSDF 
would like to 
urge the people, on this auspicious National Day which marks the 
beginning of Burmese 
students struggle for liberation, to fight in unity and harmony with 
strong determination 
against the military  dictatorship in Burma that causes the depreciation 
of national dignity 
and esteem. The spirit of National Day and the history of Burmese 
students struggle  
must keep alive in our heart.
Central Committee
All Burma Students Democratic Front (Dawn Gwin)
10th Waning of Tasaung Mong 1357 Burmese Era
16, November 1995