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US Congess targets legal immigrants

Please excuse me for posting a message that is not "on topic."  I assume 
there are many emigres who will be vitally interested in this.  --Anthony

The Washington Post reported on November 9 that certain members of
the Senate Judiciary subcommittee on immigration have proposed, as
part of a welfare reform bill, that legal immigrants (both
permanent residents and naturalized U.S. citizens) be prohibited
from receiving various forms of federal assistance - such as Pell
grants and Social Security - that are available to native-born U.S.
citizens.  According to the Washington Post, "it appears likely
that Congress will approve some measures under which millions of
legal immigrants, perhaps even citizens, will lose their right to
receive a wide array of public benefits, from food stamps and cash
to job training, non-emergency health care, and financial aid for
college."  A chief proponent of these restrictions is Sen. Alan K.
Simpson (R-Wyo.), chairman of the Judiciary subcommittee on
Many of these restrictions are an egregious violation of the Fifth
Amendment's Due Process clause, which guarantees equal protection under
the laws, and are, needless to say, deeply offensive.  Especially shocking
are the remarks of Richard Day, chief counsel for the Senate immigration
subcommittee. In justifying these restrictions, Mr. Day reportedly told
the Post, "If [a] South Korean family with three kids had said to U.S.
officials [before applying for visas], 'We're going to need to have Pell
grants to get the kids through school,' how many Americans would think,
'There isn't enough around so native-born kids can go to college, we
shouldn't be admitting people who are going to need that.' "  It amazes me
that Mr. Day could suggest that we should discriminate against permanent
residents and naturalized citizens because, in his opinion, the U.S.
public thinks of these citizens as somehow "less American" than
native-born citizens.  Mr. Day's remarks also suggest that he agrees with
the bigoted views he attributes to Americans in general. 
(1) Urge your senators to vote against any version of a welfare reform
bill that contains these kind of outrageous anti-immigrant provisions. 
See the list below for email addresses of senators. Be sure to include a
return mailing address (snail mail) so your senators can respond - they
don't respond by email.  (If your senators do not have email addresses,
you can call the Capital Switchboard.  When you are connected to your
senator's office, state that you are a constituent and ask to speak with a
staff member about your concerns.  The number is 202-224-3121). 
(2) Contact the ranking minority member on the Senate Judiciary
Committee, Sen. Joe Biden (DE) and urge that Richard Day, chief
counsel for the Senate immigration subcommittee, be fired for his
deeply disturbing remarks which advocate the second-class status of
legal immigrants unless he issues a public apology.  (Senator
Biden's email address is: joe_biden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Note:  Send me an email message if you would like an electronic
copy of the Washington Post article.
                           Anthony Murawski
                           (An irate, naturalized citizen in Virginia)
United States Senate Email Addresses
AK-R   Stevens, Ted          Senator_Stevens@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
AR-D   Bumpers, Dale         senator@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
AZ-R   Kyl, Jon              info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
AZ-R   McCain, John          Senator_McCain@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
CA-D   Boxer, Barbara        senator@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
CA-D   Feinstein, Dianne     senator@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
CO-R   Brown, Hank           senator_brown@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
CT-D   Dodd, Christophe      sen_dodd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
CT-D   Lieberman, Joseph     senator_lieberman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
DE-D   Biden, Joe            joe_biden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
FL-D   Graham, Bob           bob_graham@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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IN-R   Lugar, Richard        lugar@xxxxxxxxxx
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KY-R   McConnell, Mitch      senator@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  
LA-D   Breaux, John          senator@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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MA-D   Kennedy, Ted          senator@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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MI-D   Levin, Car            senator@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
MI-R   Abraham, Spencer      michigan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
MN-R   Grams, Rod            mail_grams@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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MO-R   Ashcroft, John        john_ashcroft@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
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