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Human Rights violations by the Slorc military 

>From October 15 to 31, 1995
Location: Southern Burma (Tanasserim division)

Pieces of rock  ( in October)

The villages in Tanasserim township were ordered by the Township law and order
restoration council of Tanasserim township that all villages in that area have
to send and gather necessary pieces of rock to the place which were fixed by
the authorities for the construction of motor road from Mergue to Victory
point. The Slorc authorities have warned that if a village couldn't send
necessary ratio of pieces of rock to fixed place, they will be punished
effectively by the Slorc's township authorities, said by the local people.

Tax for rice mail ( in October)

Every private rice mail owner who has a registration receipt from Mergue
agricultural inspection authorities in the area of Tanasserim township has
regularly to pay 1,600 kilo of raw rice as tax to Tanasserim agriculture
authorities for every year. The owners of rice mail who don't have the receipt
from agriculture authorities are not allowed to run their rice mail. In
addition, they can be arrested and punished by the Slorc authorities. Some
owners of rice mail who do not have registration from Mergue agricultural
inception authorities were arrested. Another problem is that the owners of
rice mail have to buy the raw rice according to the outside price and they
have to pay the tax to authorities with government limited price.

Health situation of forced labors 

There are about 1,200 local forced labors in 36 mile railroad construction
camp in Yay Phu township and on October 9, 1995, two forced labors among the
80 sick labors in the camp died of malaria and one was dead by poisonous
snake. However, the camp authorities of Light Infantry No.(410) did not expand
necessary clinics and wards for patients in the labor camp. 

Tax for twice

In July, 1995, the owners of private motorboat in Tavoy township, whose boats
running in Gamon creek from Myitta village to other villages were ordered to
pay tax 1,000 Kyat each to No.(19) military intelligence branch located in
Taung Thonlon area. The owners of 17 motorboats have collected the 17,000 Kyat
and sent to them. Unfortunately,  village state law and order restoration
council members have handed the money to army infantry unit and later No.(19)
MI branch knew that event. But, the boat owners were ordered again in October,
1995 to pay tax to No.(19) MI branch directly and finally they collected
17,000 Kyat again and handed to them.

The number of local forced labourers for Ye -Tavoy railroad construction
>From October 16 to 31, 1995.

NO.      LOCATION                               NUMBER OF FORCED LABOURERS

1.   (21) mile camp                     nearly   2,000 local forced labourers

2.  (27) mile camp                        "      3,000 local forced labourers

3.  (30) mile camp                        "   400 forced labourers (prisoners)
                                          "      1,000 local forced labourers

4.  (36) mile camp                        "        900 local forced labourers

5.  Hein Sae camp                         "      1,700 local forced labourers

6. Hnan Kyal camp                         "      1,000 local forced labourers

7. Nwe Lein camp                          "      1,200 local forced labourers

8. Zinba camp                             "      1,200 local forced labourers
                                          "   300 forced labourers (prisoners)

9. Raphu camp                             "      1,000 local forced labors

10. Kyauk Gadin camp                      "      1,200 local forced labors

11. Ray Bone camp                         "        500 local forced labors 

All the local forced labourers have been working at the railroad construction
site without any payment and medical take-care, they have to go and work there
with rotate system from different villages.

Security for soldiers' family

Since November of this year in Tavoy township, for the security of army
families from Slorc's LIB (401) and (410) when the troops going to frontline,
every army wife who are over 16 years old and doesn't have children has to
join military training, said local people.


The local villagers from Palaw township in Margue district and Thayat Chaung
township in Tavoy district have been arrested to serve as porters for Slorc's
army since the beginning of October this  year for the dry season offensive
against the ethnic Karen armed forces and students of the ABSDF, said the
local people.

Village burnt down 

According to the source from local people, on October 14, 1995, the Slorc's
army of LIB (101) came to Taung Paw village in Palaw township and it was burnt
down. It was happened after the clash between KNU regiment No.(7) of 4 Brigade
and LIB (101). All the houses and a church were burnt down by the Slorc's

Forced labour again 

Since October of this year, every villagers from four townships in Tavoy
district have been summoned by the Slorc authorities for Ye-Tavoy railroad
construction. Every township has to provide forced labourers approximately
between 2,500 and 3,000 by order of Slorc's army.

Restless labouring

On October 21, 1995, the local forced labourers who had returned from railroad
construction after their turn of works said, some forced labourers who did not
work well because of illness during their turn in camp are not allowed to go
back home and forced to work again for Slorc's army such as making bamboo
baskets for carrying ammunition, chopping logs and animal farms of army's own.

Six month for punishment 

On October 22, 1995, 27 local forced labors who form Hein Sae camp were sent
to Tavoy to carry things for railroad construction have escaped and went back
to their villages when they have got in Tavoy. The Slorc's Col. Myint Oo has
ordered that the responsible persons from the villages have to sent them back
to 30 mile camp because all these forced labourers have been already charged
for six month punishment with hard labour for their escaping, said the local
forced labourers who came back form Hein Sae camp.

School teacher raped

On October 21, 1995,  Ms. Thuzar Myint, a primary school teacher from Klan
Aung village in Yay Phu township was raped by Second Lt. Aunt Maung of Slorc's
LIB (409) round about 3.00 pm when she came back from school, said local

Death sentence

On October 21, 1995, four prisoners of forced labour have escaped form 30 mile
railroad construction site at the night time, because of intense oppression of
camp authorities. All of them were shot by the armymen when they were found,
and a prisoner was shot to death and other three escaped.

Money and chicken for fine (in October)

According to the sources from local people, during October, the Slorc's LIB
(405) has instructed that each villager from Thae Chaung Gyi village has to
come to outpost of LIB (405) for daily works for the troops such as cooking,
washing clothes, cleaning the campus, etc. If the villagers fail to serve for
those kinds of work, every has to pay 100 Kyat for their turn through village
state law and order restoration council members. At the same time, if a
villager who slaughters cattle to sell has to pay at least 6 kg of meat to LIB
(405), and if he fails to do so, he must pay 3 chickens as fine.

Threats of Slorc's army (in October)

The following villages in Thayat Chaung township have been threatened by the
Slorc's LIB (403) :

1. Kyauk Hlay Gar village
2. Saw Phar
3. Padat Chaung 
4. Kyauk Phu
5. Taung Zin .

In October, the Slorc's LIB (403) has ordered all the villagers form above
mention villages that they have to send necessary woods and bamboo for
repairing of army buildings in LIB (403) campus. If they fail to serve, all
the villages will be relocated to previous collective village near Saw Phar
village. In addition, 15 or 20 villagers from each village have to work for
railroad construction with their own food and charges every month. If the
villager wants to substitute forced labour for him, he must pay 2,500 Kyat
to LIB (403) through village state law and order council members. All these
five villages were relocated to collective village in 1991, after the accusing
of collaborating with armed resistance groups by the Slorc's army. In the
beginning of 1995, all villages have been allowed to move back to their
original location. Now, the villagers are very concerned about forced
relocation again.

Sources: Information Dept, KNLA Brigade (4), Mergui Tavoy District, KNU
Translation: Information Dept., ABSDF