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re Nepal gurkhas

does anyone know of nepalese gurhkas as paid mercenaries in burma, on
either side. they are the best fighters i know, (i lived a year in
Nepal with my dearest friend, the former prime minister bp koirala. he
could not ever overcome the army resistance by the palace, as the
gurkas are invincible. they would make a good fighting team inside
burma, you never are alone with their buddy system, they fight to the
end to save or avenge their pair, and they would be strong against
slorc. but you have to pay them, perhaps as trainers too. do any of
your have contacts to the rebel forces and their leaders? Who are their
heroic leaders? Why are not their names known, like Marcos in Mexico.
Aung Suu is a great leader, of course, and she does not wear a mask, 
but who are the rebel leaders. This is an armed struggle for liberty 
of an entire nation, and respect for human rights around the world. Are
their any international volunteer units, as there were in Spain during
the Spanish Civil War? Have any of you seen the Kevin Loach film Land
and Freedom? I  hear its a good film about that period? The armed
struggle of the Burmese people against Slorc needs international
support.  There must be a lot of Americans who would be willing to
fight in the jungles. Perhaps they are there now? Do you know any
americans among the resistance fighters? Maybe Americans, who are tired
of violence and killing, may find another mission as they did with
Panama in the western hemisphere. Fighting on the right side, and not
another Vietnam. 

Christopher Dietrich
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