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A new release video documentary on

Subject: A new release video documentary on Burma

		A video documentary by Images Asia/Thailand
		Available on VHS PAL and NTSC systems
	Caught in the Crossfire is a stirring short documentary about the 
human rights abuses of women in Burma, perpetrated by the Burmese 
military.  The footage and interviews with Burmese women and Burmese 
soldiers, were documented along the Thailand/Burma border between 1994 
and 1995.  Many of the interviews were conducted after the release of Daw 
Aung San Suu Kyi, and shoe that, as the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 
stated: "I have been released. That's all. Nothing elsa has changed."
	Told through the voices of the women themselves, this documentary 
emphasises the important experiences of women, their suffering, fear and 
courage.  These testimonies, inter cut with sequences from their everyday 
lives in the war zones and refugees camps, clearly portray the reality of 
their situation.  These are contrasted with United Nations Conventions 
concerning women's rights, to further illustrate that women in Burma, 
especially in the border areas, are subject to wide-scale human rights 

	Caught in the Crossfire was designed as one in a three-part 
documentary video series, with study-guides, to be used as an education 
kit about the human rights, devlopment and environmental situation in 
Burma.  Despite initial problems with the Chinese authorities, the video 
was premiered at the United Nations Women's Conference in Biejing in 
September 1995.  Images Asia is currently in the process of completing 
part one and three of the video series, and the accompanying study 
guides.  Your support in purchasing this video as a lobbying and 
awareness-raising tool, will enable IMAGES ASIA to conclude this 
important task.  It will also enable other people to become interested 
and active about the human rights, development and environmental 
situation in Burma.

Contact:		Images Asia
			P.O. Box 2, Phrasingha Post Office
			Muang, Chiangmai 50200
or on e-mail above. Thank you in advance.