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update news on refugees

High Commissioner for Refugees
14, Jor Bagh
New Delhi - 110003
Phone : 4699302                         P.O. Box 3135
Fax     : 91-11-4620137                 Telex : 031-62885 HCR IN
                                        Cables : HICOMREF _NEW DELHI
                                        November 16, 1995
        I am writing further to discussions that your Representatives had with 
Ms. Wei Men Lim, Legal Officer, on 14 and 15 November and my meeting with 
you today.
As has been explained to you in these discussions, your application for refugees 
status is being examined by our Office in consultation with our Headquarters in
Geneva. All of you have had the opportunity of an individual interview with a
UNHCR Legal Officer, to explain your circumstances. The results of these 
meeting are being examined in detail to determine your claim to refugee status.
We will endeavor to give individual decisions in the near future. Those of you
who have already received a negative decision have been advised of our appeals 
producer and appeals received are being considered.
We very much regret that you have decided to demonstrate outside our office and
go on hunger strike to press your claim. We understand that your are doing so,
since you claim that you have no financial resources to manage on your own in 
Delhi or return to North East.
As a matter of policy, the UNHCR does not provide individual financial support
to asylum seekers. However, in consideration of your situation, we have 
exceptionally agreed to provide you a one time cash assistance of Rs.3,000/-per
family or Rs.2,000/- for individuals. Should you wish to avail of this assistance,
payment can be arranged through Syndicate Bank, Khan Market, New Delhi.
At our request, a medical doctor has also been made available to provide 
treatment to you.
I would urged you to avail of this temporary assistance pending determination of 
your claim to refugee status.
Yours truly,
Rajiv Kapur
Chief of Mission a.i.
Update News of Hunger Strike outside UNHCR office in Delhi
10:00 am in the morning Delhi Police threatened to stop the hunger strike. There are about 20 persons. But the agitators ignored and continued their demand.
2:00 pm leaders of the strike committee discussed with the supporters and NGO.
Then they decided to take the money that UNHCR's letter. Because some of them and one child (he also participated in four days hunger strike).
2:30 pm strike leader submitted the letter and demand for those who are ignored by UNHCR should give the interview date in few days.
4:00 pm many Burmese activists came and showed their support with them.
UNHCR agreed to reply in one week (24th Nov.' 95) with the consultant of Headquarters in Geneva.
6:00 pm All of the ignored Burmese refugees of 36 took the one time assistance of Rs.3,000/- per family and Rs.2,000/- for individual.
6:20 pm They withdraw from UNHCR successfully.
New & Information Department
Federation of Trade Unions, Burma (West Burma)