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Writing On the Wall

Dear ALL:

The following free writing is handed by one of my American friends whose 
thoughts came out after watching "The Burma Deception."  Upon her request 
to use anonymous, I omitted her name.

Tun Myint


		Burma realities
		soda pop slaughters
		dorito daggers
		taco torture tactics
		sun chip surrenders
		Beautiful America
		Bring life to
		the SLORC nightmare
		pouring the pepsi
		drowning man and his dream

		you search for sixty cents
		to pop in the pepsi machine
		I long for life
		my life lies
		in petty pocket change

		drinking each day away
		better to dance like a drunk
		then beat the Beaters of Burma

		they suck my soda change
		stuck on pepsi power
		still I dance with doritoes

		my breath stinks of stale
		slimy SLORC men sip
		till beating hearts are hollow

		ignorance denies me the role
		of a Worthy Western foe
		controlling the dance of convenience

		blind bliss give me a buzz
		all 4 sisty cents and sickness
		I help soldiers sink

		keep crying to the West
		America does not hear
		passed the song of self

					[anonymous free writer]

					November 18, 1995.