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Human Rights Violations in Arakan (

Subject: Human Rights Violations in Arakan (From FIST)

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>From FIST
October 1995


The Arakan State which is situated in the western part of 
Burma is one of the Seven States and Seven Divisions of
Burma. The Arakanese people, like all other ethnic
minorities in Burma, have been deprived of their right to self
- determination.  

Although Lt. General Khin Nyunt, Secretary (1) of the
ruling Burmese military government, claimed that there was
never and will never be human rights violations in Burma,
the peoples of Burma have been suffering from gross human
rights abuses as prisoners, porters, forced laborers, human
mine sweepers and or the scapegoats of the civil war in

In the northern part of the Arakan State, located on the
triangle area of Indo - Burma - Bangladesh border, the
Burmese Amy Battalion No.(376), company (2) led by
Captain Tun Wei in collaboration with the Commander Lt.
Tun Myint had killed the following villagers in Arakan

a)  Name
b)  Age
c)   Name of Village 
d)   Date of killing

a)  Mr. Rammado (village headman)
b)  48
c)  Loungadu
d)  31/12/94

a) U Nga Mae Che (village headman)
b) 46
c) Taung-roa
d) 11/4/95

a)  U Oung Zan Oo (Secretary of village council)
b)  54
c) Taung-roa
d) 11/4/95

a)  Maung Shwe Doot
b)  25
c)  Taung-roa
d)  11/4/95

a)  Mejir
b)  33
c)  Taung-roa
a)  U Tha Maung (village headman)
b)  55
c)  Setpaik-pron
d)  15/4/95

a)  Hla Han
b)  28
c)  Setpaik-pron
d)  16-4-95

a)  U Maung Fru     
b)  46
c)  Trawan - ai

Due to the harassment of Burmese Army (40) households
from Khone -roa, (60) households from Poonhyongwa, (30)
households from Pagawa, (25) households from Loungadv
and (20) households from Theimoat - wa, Ngoaylak - wa
and Quandaums, numbering total (225) households and
about (1200) people fled into the Triangle area of Indo -
Burma - Bangladesh border in the Southern part of
Mizoram State in India.  Over 180 families who fled in
different waves into India in 1994 are scattering at the
villages of Takpoat - che, Upper Khaki, Lower Khaki,
Maungbuwas and at some Musa area without having a name
in the remote area of Indo - Burma Bangladesh border. 


Due to the brutal killing of villagers by the Burmese Army
Light Infantry Battalion (L.I.B) No.376, more Arakanese
people have recently poured into Mizoram State, India, as
refugees.  Over 60 families, about 400 members, fled from
Arakan State between February and May 1995 in order to
escape the killings of the Burmese Army.  Most of them are
taking shelter in the Parava Camp in the Southern - most
area of Mizoram State, which is situated in the Triangle area
of the Indo - Burma - Bangladesh border.

In a statement released on 13th August 1995, Mr. Ran
Naing, representative of the Arakanese refugees at "Parava
Camp" in India, said: " These refugees have been resettled
in Parava Camp by the concerned authorities of the locality. 
But assistance in the form of food and medicine is not still
provided by anybody.  When they (the refugees) fled into
India, they could not bring anything with them except some
essentials.  They could not bring even enough pots for
cooking.  Now many of them have no pots, no plates, no
blankets and no mosquito nets.  They build their own
makeshift bamboo huts for sheltering at their temporary
locations.  Children are dying of malaria, diarrhoea,
dysentery and malnutrition in the deteriorating conditions. 
Epidemics are threatening everybody.  To keep them alive,
they are in urgent need of emergency aids, medicines, food
and clothing." 


The Arakanese democratic activists who are now taking
shelter in India staged a demonstration in New Delhi on
13th August 1995 to highlight the brutal killings of villagers
in Arakan State by the Burmese Army, and the plight of the
Arakanese refugees living in the Mizoram State of India. 
The Arakanese Students Congress (India), All Burma Youth
Monks Union (Arakan), Arakan League for Democracy ( in
exile) and other Burmese democratic activists joined the
demonstration which was held at Janta Manta (Connaught
Place) of New Delhi at 1:00pm.

The demonstrators condemned the Burmese military
government, namely SLORC, for its barbarous behavior
towards the Arakanese and the ethnic minorities of Burma. 
They also appealed to the International Community and
Human Rights Organizations for urgent contributions of
emergency aids to the Arakanese refugees in the Indo -
Burma - Bangladesh border.  They demand that
international governments impose economic sanctions, an
arms embargo and cut off diplomatic relations with Burma,
till Burma is restored to democracy and human rights.

For more information, please contact: The Arakanese
Students Congress (India) 630, Pocket(B), Uttam Nagar,
New Delhi 110059, India. 

The  FIST' News Bulletin is published, by the All Burma
Students League
Editor: Soe Myint
Art Work:  Sitt Nyein Aye
DTP Shar Aung

The All Burma Students League
3, Krishna Menon Marg,
New Delhi - 11