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>From burtu.atubdo  Wed Nov 22 18:47:47 1995
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Date: Wed Nov 22 17:23:47 1995
Subject: News From Arakan State
Now nearly 1500 Arakanese refugees were staying at southern part of Mizoram
state (India), Chintwipui district, including 300 children.
Most of them are staying at 4 camps and others are spread out in these 
Four camps are:-
                1. Pha Ya  War camp
                2. Maung Pu Shi camp
                3. Tar Paw Shi camp
                4. Upper & Lower Karki camp
In October 1993, one Burmese army platoon across the border  and tried to 
raided to Maung Pu Shi camp.
Due to the atrocities of Burmese Army in the northern Arakan state these 
refugees came out from Khon village, Myatwa village, Ngwe Let Wa village, 
Phwe Let Wa village, Kuntaung valley, Do Chaung valley, Chin Let Wa village 
and some other village within Pa Let Wa township.
Atrocity in these Region are:-
1. Force Labour - Kyawk Taw - Bu The Taung Road.
                Myaut Oo - Pa Let Wa Road
                Pa Let Wa - Arm Road
                Dam construction (near the Kyauk Taw town) 
                across the Ram stream, Zee stream and Taw Min Zan stream.
2. Rape
3. Torture & Kill
4. Porter to Infantry.
These refugees in southern Mizoram state were no recognition from authority, 
without medical assistance and medicine supply. Therefore they are suffering 
Malaria, Dysentery, Typhoid, mal-nutrition and vitamin deficiency.
Over 400 refugees are staying at Bandarapan district, Chittagaung Hill Tack,
Bangladesh. They are also facing the very hardship condition. They have not 
enough food medicine and essential things.
Source Arakanese for Refugee Relief Committee Welfare.
Translation FTUB (WB)