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Toronto Burmese Group (r)

Received: by freenet3.carleton.ca (8.6.12/Sun-Client) id NAA20335; Thu, 23 Nov 1995 13:19:25 -0500

> Does anyone know if there is an organized Burmese group in Toronto?  I have
> checked the phonebook and cannot locate any group under the name of Burma or
> Myanmar.

There are several I know of.  Canadian Friends of Burma has a group active
in the Toronto region, for one.  I assume the two OPIRGs at UofToronto
and York U still have Burma (or, at least, southeast Asia) groups.
Then there's Bush Gulati's group, the name of which escapes me at the
moment.  Plus, there is a Unocal boycott group which links up the 
Burmese and Lubicon struggles.

I don't have my address book handy, but I know OPIRG-Toronto's in the
phone book, and they should be able to get you all the addresses you
need.  Or just email me directly and I'll do some digging in my files.

Reid Cooper
OPIRG-Carleton, 326 Unicenter, 1125 Colonel By Dr., Ottawa, ON  K1S 5B6
phone: 1-613-788-2757   fax: 1-613-788-3989   ai268@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx