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ABSDF Statement on DASSK's press co

Subject: ABSDF Statement on DASSK's press conference

Statement of the ABSDF on the Press Release of NLD Concerning with Slorcs 
National Convention
        It is nowadays, a politically crucial period for the all
nationalities of Burma and also for the international community which are
continuously forging ahead for the struggle of restoration of democracy in
        Recently, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, on behalf of her winning party,
National League for Democracy (NLD), expressed the partys policy in the
press release on November 22, 1995 concerning with the National Convention
organized by the Slorc. 
        During the press release, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi clearly stated that
the NLD could not accepted the National Convention organized by the ruling
military regime had failed to abide by democratic principles. She
reaffirmed her party would not accept the National Convention as it stood
and has repeated called for a dialogue with the military regime.  The NLD,
as the political party that has received the mandate of the people has a
duty to point out that its expectations with regard to the National
Convention have not been realized she said. She also pointed out some
facts which are not consonant with a truly democratic state. 
        The ABSDF warmly welcomes the statement of NLD concerning with the
Slorcs National Convention. The ABSDF firmly supports that dialogue
meeting, as requested by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi which is the only one way to
solve the main political dilemmas in Burma: lack of democracy and human
rights and lack of ethnic nationalities rights. 
        The ABSDF believes that until and unless the military dictatorship
is overthrown and constitution that legally allow the militarys domination
is prevented, we can not successfully build up the long-lasting national
reconciliation and genuine internal peace in Burma. Thus, the ABSDF
strongly urges all the democracy-loving people to oppose National
Convention which is aiming to legalize the prolong reign of military
dictatorship in Burma and to put the majority of the Burmese people under
the tyranny. 
All Burma Students Democratic Front
Central Committee
23, November 1995