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>From burtu.atubdo  Fri Nov 24 05:02:26 1995
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Date: Fri Nov 24 02:02:50 1995
Subject: News from Indo-Burma border

On 2nd September 1995, 7 Kuki civilians were severely beaten and arrested 
by police. They were put lock up at Home Ma Lin town more than 
2-1/2 months without any trial. Police accused them, They had contact to 
Kuki National Army.
They are;       
        1. U Khin Kho Lon               Home Ma Lin Twon
        2. U Man Kho Zan                Home Ma Lin Town
        3. U Paung Kho Htan             Home Ma Lin Town
        4. U Htang Kho Yan              Khin Yan village
        5. U Let Kho Lon                Khin Yan village
        6. U Do Kan                     Lein Wan Zan village
        7. U Khat Khaing                Tun Do village
Indo-Burma Drugs control meeting was held on Nov 9th at Tamu 
township Saggaing Division. Tamu, the border town where there 
is no electricity in civilian houses. There is only electric supply 
for road. But government collect taxes form every civilian houses. 
On 22.10.95, 8 bullock cart from Chaung Net Kyi and Nan Phar 
Lon village  were forcibly used for logging by the order of Capt. 
Cow Zan  (Tamu Township Law and Order Restoration Coucil).
News & Information Department, FTUB (West Burma)