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BurmaNet News: November 23, 1995 #2

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Subject: BurmaNet News: November 23, 1995 #286

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The BurmaNet News: November 23, 1995
Issue #286



The Nation/23.11.95

RANGOON _ Burma's democratic opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi
yesterday reaffirmed her party's right to rule the country and
rejected the military's campaign to legitimize its takeover
through a constitutional convention.

At a press conference in the house where she spent nearly six
years under house arrest, Suu Kyi recalled that it wast her
party, the National League for| Democracy (NLD), that won a
landslide. victory in the country's only free election in 1990.

"The NLD, as the political party than has received the mandate of
the people, has a duty to point out that its expectations with
regard to the National Convention, have not been realized," she
said. "The work procedures of the convention are not democratic
and the basic principles for the proposed constitution include
some which are not consonant with a truly democratic state."

Asked if this meant the NLD would boycott the convention, she
said the party has yet to make a final decision, but this does
not mean "we will not make the, decision if we think it is

Suu Kyi, 50, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for her non-violent
campaign for democracy in Burma, said the constitutional
convention organized by the ruling military junta had failed to
abide by democratic principles.

" A state constitution is a contract between the people and the
government of the nation " she said. "Only a constitution that is
willingly accepted by the people will endure the test of time.
The NLD believes that if genuine multi-party democracy is to be
established in Burma al constitution based firmly on democratic
principles is an absolute necessity.

Among the stipulations in the constitution currently being
drafted are provisions that would specifically prohibit Suu Kyi
from holding public office.

###Burmese drug warlord Khun Sa yesterday announced his
resignation as head of Mong Tai Army, ending more than 40 years
of his reign, the Thai News Agency reported.

Khun Sa made the announcement in front of Thai and foreign
journalists who gathered at New Year's greeting religious rite
being organized yesterday at his his headquarters in Shan State.

Khun Sa was quoted as saying that he will be replaced by Khan
Yaw, who staged a coup against him in October. Khun Sa said he
was forced to resign and felt disheartened by by internal
fighting within the group.

Earlier Khun Sa told Reuters the retirement would be "painful to
me as if somebody was cutting out my heart. But the time has come
for me to finish."



The Nation/23.11.95

THE House committee on administration yesterday demanded the
government ask Burma to report the progress of an investigation
into the murder of five Thai fishermen by Burmese crew members on
a Thai vessel off the Burmese coast earlier this month. its
spokesman said.

Democrat Party MP Nipit Intarasombat said Rangoon should
reciprocate Thailand's cooperation in the case of the murders of
Burmese fishermen by fellow Thai crew members in August.

"The incident in which five Thai fishermen were brutally killed
by Burmese occurred nearly a month ago, but the Burmese
government has done nothing to arrest the culprits. The Thai
government should urgently ask Burma about the progress of the
investigation," Nipit said.

He was speaking after the committee meeting at Parliament.

"The House committee believes the investigation has been slow
because nothing will come of it. This is the opposite of the Thai
government's actions following the murder of Burmese fishermen in
August," he said.

Shortly after the August murders, Thailand apprehended three crew
and the captain of -the vessel on which the Burmese were slain.
At the time, Rangoon ordered its border crossing at Ranong to be
sealed after earlier closing two other checkpoints.

Nipit said the committee will invite the Fisheries Department
director general to give details at its next meeting.

Another committee member, Suwaroj Palang (Democrat), questioned
Defence Minister Gen Chavalit Yongchaiyudh's actions concerning
the murder of Thai and Burmese fishermen.



Bkk Post/23.11.95

LAST week's four-day official visit to Thailand of Burmese deputy
premier Vice Adm Maung Maung Khin was hailed as a political
success by Defence Minister Chavalit Yongchaiyudh which helped
improve soured ties between the two countries.

Noticeably, during the visit several leading Thai military
figures, including Gen Chavalit, were more cautious in making any
public comment over bilateral relations.

It seemed that the sole purpose of the trip was aimed to resolve
any misunderstanding between the two sides and to create an
atmosphere for further cooperation in the future.

Unsurprisingly, in the joint press release issued after the
meeting there were no concrete agreements mentioned apart from
stressing that both sides would continue to strengthen their
bilateral ties for more cooperation in the future.

Burma was worried from the beginning that Vice Adm Maung Maung
Khin might face strong opposition from All Burma Students's
Democratic Front while he led his delegation to Thailand and
Burma has made it no secret to Thai security officers.

Burmese military attache to Thailand Col Thein Swe made it known
in his letter to Thai intelligence unit that Burma wanted
Thailand to closely monitor ABSDF's movement during Vice Adm
Maung Maung Khin's visit especially its leader Moe Thee Zun.

One intelligence insider admitted that contact has been made with
key ABSDF members who were urged not to hold any rally while Vice
Adm Maung Maung Khin was the official guest of the defence
minister, known to be one of their sympathisers.

"We want to create an atmosphere for further cooperation and we
don't want to see this trip to be marred by their protest. We
told them that it is not a proper timing to make such rally,"
noted one intelligence officer.

The insider said police from the special branch were told to keep
a close watch on Burmese students during the visit.

So there were no ABSDF demonstration during Vice Adm Maung Maung
Khin's four-day visit because of this request to the Burmese
students. I

"Further more, they feel that Vice Adm Maung Maung Khin is not a
hardcore member of the State Law and Order Restoration Council
and was not actively involved during the suppression of Burmese
democratic forces," noted one intelligence officer.

The officer said he was uncertain whether the planned rally could
be averted if the chief of the delegation was not Vice Adm Maung
Maung Khin but was the first secretary of SLORC Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt
who had a scheduled plan to visit Thailand next month.

"They hold him direct responsible for the bloody suppression in
Burma," said the insider.

The insider added that the ABSDF is already planning a rally in
front of the Burmese Embassy in the next few days to protest
SLORC's move to seek passage of its new constitution, aimed at
perpetuating its power, in parliament early next week.


November, 1995


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