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Investments In Burma (r)

Investments in Burma

Taisei Construction to Open Office in Burma

Released by  ISBDA on November 30, 1995

Japanese general contractor Taisei Construction will open an office in
Rangoon to enhance the company's activities which largely relates to
Japan's ODA to the military regime in Burma, business and technology
newspaper Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun reported today. This company was the sole
contractor of the project for expansion of Rangoon airport facilities which
had been halted after Burmese military killed thousands of  demonstrators
in 1988 demonstrations. 



Up to July,1995, SLORC has reportedly made 151 agreements with foreign
investors that values a total of 2900 million dollars, The Nikkan Kogyo
Shimbun reported.  The report detailed a list of countries as well as type
of business that bring money for SLORC to emphasize the fact that Japan is
at the seventh place.  This is apparently because Japanese government did
not provide insurance for investment to Burma until February, 1995. 
The data in the report can be tabulated as follows:

Table 1.
Country                 No of Contracts         Value in Million US$
Britain                 16                              640 
France                  1                               460
Singapore            31                              450
Thailand              27                              410
USA                     14                              240
Japan                    6                              100

Table 2.
Investment Type         No of Contracts         Value in Million US$
Petroleum & Gas         24                              1430
Hotel & Tourism         31                                600
Fishery                       50                                250
Real Estate                  4                                 190
Mining                         21                                180
Manufacturing             51                                170