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Scholarship Announcement: Questions

Subject: Scholarship Announcement: Questions and Information

--------------------------forwarded Letter-------------------------
Attn: All Interested Parties
Re  : Scholarship Announcement: Qurstions & Information
To Whom It May Concern,
	With reference to the scholarship announcement sent out on the net by
Dr. Christina Fink on 20 November 1995, I would like to inform all
interested parties that I would be happy to respond to questions about 
the USIA refugee scholarship program. As the Chief Administrator of the   
Burmese Refugee Scholarship Program for Indiana University, I am very concerned
that all well qualified refugee students apply. For this reason, 
I am encouraging everyone to pass the word on to any refugees whom you think 
may be both interested and eligible to apply.
	We look forward to welcoming a the applicants selected for USIA Burmese 
Refugee Scholarships to Indiana University in the spring of 1996. Thank you all
for your assistance in disseminating information about this important project.
						Kenneth A. Rogers
						Associate Dean and Director
						International Services
Indiana University				Tel. (812) 855-9086
Franklin Hall 306				Fax. (812) 855-4418
Bloomington, In. 47405-2802			Email kenroger@xxxxxxxxxxx