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Date: Sun, 26 Nov 1995 16:30:56 +0000
Subject: Memorandum
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Organization: Forum for Democracy and Human Rights


November 26, 1995

	Once a rich and prosperous small country in Asia.
	12 years after independence and multi-party democracy, a military coup on 2-3-62.
	26 years of military-led-single-party destroyed the Nation by Burmese way to Socialism
	Became a LDC in 1987.

	1988, a student-led nation-wide uprising toppled three BSPP presidents.
	BSPP collapsed and some 3,000 young-and-adults sacrificed their lives.
	SLORC cracked down on the people's quest for democracy to seize the power on 18-8-89.

	Aung San Suu Kyi and her colleagues formed the National League for Democracy.
	SHE was put under house-arrest on 20-7-89.
	NLD won by 82% of seats in 1990 election under martial law.
	SLORC turned down its promise to relinquish power to NLD.

National Convention ( NC )
	A new conspiracy of the SLORC was to write a new constitution.
	The National Convention commenced in January 1993. 
	Unpredicted adjournments and undemocratic procedures. 
	The principles already laid down are just to legitimize the military rule forever.

	All opposition groups who can express rejected from the counterfeit NC.
	NLD and others to their possible  maximum, in the NC, tried to disapprove the NC.
	Two NC representatives from the elected MP group departed from the NC and went exile.
	One MP was sentenced to seven years for his critical statement against the NC.

Aung San Suu Kyi
	Tremendous international and domestic pressure forced SLORC to release HER on 10-6-95.
	SHE asks for a dialogue to solve the problems of Burma on the basic of reconciliation.
	On 22-11-95, SHE, in a press conference rejected the NC in its present formula.
Burmese democratic groups in India
	WE strongly denounce the SLORC's NC from the very beginning.
	WE say NC of the SLORC is a sham.
	WE give 100% support to HER stand.

WE demand
	SLORC to stop the NC immediately.
	NLD and all political parties to boycott the NC.
	All 700 delegates not to show up in the NC.
	A substantive dialogue to solve all problems of Burma right now.
	A genuine National Convention in stead.

Burmese democratic groups in India							New Delhi

For more information:	See provided materials issued by:
			the National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma
			National League for Democracy / Liberated Area
			Burma Lawyers Council
			Federation of Trade Unions, Burma
			All Burma Students Democratic Front
			All Burma Students League ( India )