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Shame football match


Meithilla, November 5 
        The Burmese military junta has tyrannized the political, economic
and social affairs of the country. Now they have also taken to bullying in
world of sport. 
        In a football match for the Thilla Trophy, the Military Infantry
team competed against the Selected University Student team on November
4,1995. At the beginning of match, both of teams could not score any goals
and they were heading for a draw. Then the Military Infantry team
abandoned the spirit of athletic competition and proceeded to terrorize
the game while the referee turned a blind eye. In the end , the University
Student team left the football field early because their fans invaded the
pitch and begged the student footballers to stop competing with such bad
        The match was scheduled for November 2, to coincide with the
president of SLORC, Senior General Than Shwe, arriving in Meithilla. That
is why the authorities were anxious about quarreling at the match and why
they postponed it to November 4. 
News Agency
All Burma Students Democratic Front. 
(Dawn Gwin)