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KNU Statement Regarding National Co

Subject: KNU Statement Regarding National Convention

The statement of karen National Union (KNU) regarding SLORC's National
Convention to be resumed on November 28, 1995.

1.  The Karen National Union had declared several times that SLORC's National
Convention is not genuine, and that, through this convention, the country's
basic political problems can never be resolved.  And now, KNU shall also
continue to stand firmly on this attitude.

2.  During the procrastinating period for nearly three years, in convening this
convention that has no one support, many delegates were put into custody and
some delegates had abandoned this convention for lost of confidence in it and
came to the revolutionary area.  By just looking at the aims and objects, rules
and regulations and the basic principles that were laid down in this convention,
it could be clearly seen that it obfuscated SLORC's own order 1/90 and the
promises made by the leaders of SLORC.

3.  On November 22, 1995, the leader of the National League for democracy, Daw
aung San Suu Kyi had openly declared that SLORC's National convention is not a
just one.  This declaration is firm and concrete.  Any party or organization,
who knows its responsibility and has guts to take responsible fo the country,
ethnic nationalities and the people, must obviously and openly takes up this

4.  SLORC has heralded every day for the national reconciliation.  If SLORC,
actually wants to do this, he must immediately abolish this convention and paves
the way for a genuine National Convention, a nation wide cease-fire must be
declared, all unjust law and orders must be relinguished and must immediately
begin a "Tripartite dialogue" that includes the respective representatives of
SLORC, democratic forces  led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and ethnic nationalities.

5.  The present actions of SLORC, would not revealed its intention to resolved
the country's basic political problems through peaceful means.  Therefore it is
necessary for SLORC to make a further step for constructive path.  At the same
time, every organization, that can take responsible and has guts to do so for
the country ethnic nationalities and the people, must also resolutely endeavor
to step further, constructively.  This shall be the only way which can be least
painful to the country.  There shall be no alternative.

November 28, 1995.