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Burma in the crucible

May I draw your kind attention to the present critical situation in Burma.
At present, Burma seems to be approaching mit full momentum to a crucial 

# Aung San Suu Kyi has been released since July'95, but abviously she is 
NOT FREE under the present military regulations of the SLORC.
# She has asked and is asking for a substantial dialogue with the SLORC top-
leaders for peaceful, political settlement in Burma, but up to this date
(Nov.28) since her release, there is no substantive response from the SLORC.
# Her National League for Democracy (NLD) party reappointed Aung San Suu Kyi
as its Secretary General, and U Tin U and U Kyi Maung, both political 
prisoners released in March '95, as Vice-Chairmen. But the SLORC, having no
right, rejected the reappointment and declared illegal(???).
# Holding a press conference on Nov.22'95, Aung San Suu Kyi has clearly 
stated that the present form of the national convention convened by the 
SLORC is not acceptable to the vast majority people of Burma and hence to 
the NLD, giving concrete reasons.
# The SLORC's national convention is to be resumed on Nov.28'95 after a 
seven-month break, and at this time the NLD might at least partially boycott
it, depending on the moves of the SLORC for a dialogue.
# The NLD invites all concerned to join together in mutual trust and 
goodwill to work towards building up a genuine democratic nation in 
accordance with the wishes and inspirations of the people of Burma.
# In addition to the political bottle-neck at present, the majority people
become more and more frustrated and dissatisfied under the SLORC's rigid 
rule due to the skyrocketing consumer prices, especially of rice, high 
cost of daily living, high inflation-rate, relatively low income, 
significant increase in human rights violations, etc.
# The ignition point of public explosion would probably arrive and thus
bloodbath again in Burma, if and when Aung San Suu Kyi would be rearrested.

We, therefore, call upon you and the international community to please
remain full alert at this very moment and to closely monitor to the crucial
events in Burma.

With kind regards,

Nwe Aung / Burma Bureau-Germany / Nov. 28'95
Tel. ++49 2173 77950 / Fax. ++49 2173 83364