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ABSDF Statement on NLD's Boycott

ABSDFs statement on the NLDs boycott for the National Convention
        The ABSDF warmly welcomes with our heart-felt congratulation to
the decision and announcement by National League for Democracy (NLD)
saying that NLD would not send its delegation to the on-going National
Convention. It decision was expressed in the letter sent to U Aung Toe,
chairman of the National Convention Convening Commission on November 28,
1995 signed by U Aung Shwe, chairman of NLD. 
        The ABSDF also takes into account the patience of NLD until the
last minute to hold a dialogue with Slorc after they pointed out the lacks
of democratic ways and means in the National Convention and lack of moving
towards ever-lasting peace. 
        The rightful decision of NLD could gain the continuous support by
the people to their party and also could clearly constitute the leading
role of NLD in the struggle for democracy in Burma.  This decision also
could cease the peoples long-time frustration on NLD for taking a time and
could pave the way of cooperation and unity amongst opposition forces
fighting against the Slorc military dictatorship. 
        Slorc is still ignoring and decrying the will of Burmese people
and NLD. In the announcement issued National Convention Convening
Commission today, the commission said that NLD was trying to destroy the
benefits and fruitfulness of the on-going National Convention with
destructive tactics and also trying to convene another national convention
in which they could direct the representatives to work only for their
partys benefit. The National Convention Convening Committee furtermore
unreasonably accused that so- called NLD leader, kept asking to hold a
dialogue without any means of control so as to give commands to the
        According to this announcement, it is clearly be noted the Slorcs
intention that does not recognize the will of the Burmese people and the
leading role of NLD which is representing a people-elected party.  The
accusation which said NLD is trying to convene another national convention
in which they could direct the representatives to work only for their
partys benefit is their denial to convene the National Assembly of the
1990 election.  It is also a violation of their official Declaration No.
1/90 in which the Slorc states that it is the duty of the elected
representatives of the people to draw up a constitution.  The Slorc
believe that the on-going National Convention which entirely controlled by
themselves is just and right. The response to the NLDs repeated request to
hold a dialogue meeting as no means and as to give commands to the
government clearly expresses their dictatorial reckless views. 
        We have to forge ahead with restless effort to make Slorc
understand that their doomsday will come anytime and their basis of power
is not supported by the people. The ABSF hereby express its strong
determination to oppose the National Convention that is attempting to
prolong the power in the hands of military dictatorship.  Also the ABSDF
would like to urge the Burmese people to oppose the national Convention
without partiipation of the majority of the people-elected representatives
during the 1990 election. 
        Until and unless the Slorc ignores the call for dialogue, we would
like to urge the people to show te support for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and
her struggle for the democracy and national reconciliation by doing
non-cooperation in the Slorcs national Convention process. 
        Also we would like to ask the representatives of the political
party and other reprsentatives of the different groups from the National
Convention to boycott the on- going Convention with the respect to the
will of people and their own reputation. 
        For thenternational community, the ABSDF would like to call on the
international pressure to implement the 1994 United Nations General
Assemblys resolution urging Slorc to respect the result of 199 May
        Also we would like to request the foreign investment companies and
donor countries to Burma not t deal any investment with Slorc and not to
give any assistance until and unless Slorc is moving towards the
emocratization and national reconciliation. 
         The ABSDF have the sympathy and understanding that Slorc might
take some action against their dissidents but we have to take risk with
sacrifice to achieve freedom from the oppression. We would also like to
urge that success can be achieved with unity. 
ABSDF Central Committee
29 November 1995.