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Urgent Action.

Dear !

The following news from Bangkok is about that Burmese Students were
crackdowned by Thai police on 28th November 1995 because they stages to do a
peaceful demonstration before General Than Shwe and Secreatry 1 - Khin Nyunt
of State Law and Order Restoration Council of Burma (SLORC) visit to
Thailand. A Burmese old man, 75 years old,  was also arrested by Thai police
in Bangkok. Now they are in Immigration Detention Centre (IDC) in Bangkok.
Most of them are allowed to resettle in Australia and leaving for Australia
in December, 1995. I would like to request you and your organisation to take
an Urgent Action for them to be released from  the IDC and to be allowed to
go Australia for the resettlement.

Burmese Students who are arrested by Thai police.

1.      Nicky
2.      Kyin San
3.      San Myint
4.      Aye Ko
5.      Hla Win
6.      U Htay Win
7.      Tayza Ye Tun
8.      Tayza Oo
9.      Thet Naing
and 10. U Ye Gyaung (75 yeras old).

Thank you.

M Aye
A Burmese student in Australia.


Thai Police Arrest Burmese Dissisents in Crackdown

>>      BANGKOK, Nov 29 (Reuter) - Thai police sources said a veteran Burmese
>>dissident journalist was arrested early on Wednesday as part of a crackdown
>>to prevent protests in Bangkok against a constitutional meeting currently
>>being held in Burma. 
>>U Ye Gyaung, 75, senior writer of the dissident underground weekly, the
>>New Era Journal, was picked up from his house in a predawn raid, police
>>sources and dissidents told Reuters. 
>>    Ye Gyaung's 65-year-old wife was also being detained with him at an
>>undisclosed location, they added. 
>>    On Tuesday, Thai police arrested nine Burmese dissidents who had planned
>>to stage a protest in front of the Burmese embassy against what they called a
>>sham national convention in Rangoon.