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29 November 1995
The following are the letters by U Aung Shwe, chairman of the NLD 
concerning the  National Convention and  by  Khun Tun Oo, chairman of 
Shan Nationalities League for  Democracy.  Letter by  U Aung Shwe to U 
Aung Toe, chairman of the National Convention  U Aung Toe Chairman 
Working Committee of the National Convention Convening Commission  
National Convention Reference: NLD's Statement dated 27 November 1995; 
reference No. 066/org/95 
1. The National League for Democracy, with emphasized  respect, would 
like to make a  special request to reply to the views of the Working 
Committee of the National Convening  Commission upon the points stated in 
the attached statement as soon as possible. 
2. As the NLD is especially in favour of the successful implementation of 
the National  Convention, we would like to inform you again that the NLD 
is ready to participate in  building up a genuine multi-party democratic 
state in accordance with democratic  principles for the benefit of the 
nation and its people. 
3. The delegates representing the NLD will attend the National Convention 
Plenary  Session held on 28 November 1995 with an expectation that the 
authorities responsible for  convening the National Convention will 
provide them with its views upon the points  mentioned above at the 
Sd/ Aung Shwe 
Chairman National 
League for Democracy 
On behalf of the NLD delegates attending the National Convention in the 
Political Parties  Syndicate and the Elected Representative Syndicate.  
Unofficial Translation 
(official seal of the SNLD) 
Senior-General Than Shwe 
Chairman State Law and Order Restoration Council 
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi 
General Secretary National League for Democracy 
 26 November 1995  
An appeal for National Reconciliation 
1. The Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD) aiming at the 
benefits of the  state and its nationals and at the immediate emergence 
of peace and development of the  country much expected by the people, 
hereby submit this appeal with sincerity. 
2. It is found that the goal to build a genuine multi-party democratic is 
an indifferent and  common aim of the majority of the people and various 
organizations. If there is a common  aim, we believe that there will be 
no difficult to cooperate and to hold dialogue. We also  believe that 
various organization are now carrying out their tasks, keeping national  
reconciliation as one of their aims. In accordance with these objectives, 
the SNLD will  actively join  hand and work for national reconciliation 
as well as for peace an tranquillity  of the state. 
3. under the present political situation arising in the nation, the 
people in the whole country  is eagerly expecting national reconciliation 
amongst ethnic groups as well as amongst  various organizations. We 
believe that only the solution resolved through political means,  which 
is the peaceful means for the entire union, will be able to achieve 
genuine national  reconciliation and peace. 
4. We should always keep an eye on peace, development and improvement of 
people's  lives in various states and regions. We believe that it is time 
to give priority to this fact. 
5. It is the duty of every citizen in the Union of Burma to work for 
national reconciliation  and for the emergence of the stable and 
everlasting union and every citizen I to strive for it  without 
exception. Shan nationalities have never wanted any events that would 
create  differences between one another since the time before 
independence and this policy of ours  remains the same to this day. 
6. Hence we hereby request and appeal sincerely that it is time to strive 
for national  reconciliation in order to build a genuine democratic union 
much expected by the people  throughout the country.  
sd/- Khun Tun Oo 
Shan Nationalities League for Democracy  
NC will be going on without NLD, Slorc official announcement    
According to the 11:00am news from the Burmese Broadcasting Service in  
Rangoon on 29 Novemeber 1995, the National Convention will be keep going 
on without  the participation of the  NLD. On 27 November, NLD Chairman U 
Aung Shwe  sent a  letter addressed to U Aung Toe, Chairman of NC 
Convening Committe, asking to discuss  with the NLD their views on the 
National Convention and again on 28 November another  letter was sent 
asking for a response to their request. On the same day the NLD sent 
its'  third letter saying that the NLD would not attend a National 
Convention that is not based  on democratic principles.  In this letter, 
the NLD proposed that the National Convenion  Convening Committee should 
abolish all Convention regulations that are not democratic,  to allow NLD 
to elect its new representatives  to the National Convention and to work 
for  the holding of dialogue in order to work on these issues.   
According to the BBS (Burmese state-owned station) news, the NLD is 
trying to  destroy the benefits and fruitfulness of the on-going  
National Convention with destructive  tactics. It is also trying to 
convene another national convention in which they can direct the  
representatives to work only for their party's benefit. The National 
Convention Convening  Committee belives that the, so-called "NLD leader", 
keeps asking to hold a dialogue  without any means of control so as to 
give commands to the government.  After the NLD  did not get a response 
from the government, they stepped up their campaign in order to  destroy 
the National Convention. Their actions and intentions are not to work for 
the  benefits of the state but for their own party's benefit. Their 
action also ignores the national  interest of Burma.  The National 
Convention Convening Committe will never give up its  noble duties to the 
nation. The National Convention will be going on as scheduled, based  on 
the success that the National Convention has achieved, with the 
participation of  other  groups even  without the participation of NLD 
representatives, the news said.  ABSDF News Agency DAWN GWIN     ABSDF's 
statement on the NLD's boycott for the National Convention       
The ABSDF warmly welcomes with our heart-felt congratulation to the 
decision  and announcement by National League for Democracy (NLD) saying 
that NLD would not  send its delegation to the on-going National 
Convention. It decision was expressed in the  letter sent to U Aung Toe, 
chairman of the National Convention Convening Commission  on November 28, 
1995 signed by  U Aung Shwe, chairman of  NLD.         
The ABSDF also takes into account the patience of NLD until the last 
minute to  hold a dialogue with Slorc after they pointed out the lacks of 
democratic ways and means  in the National Convention and lack of moving 
towards ever-lasting peace.     
The rightful decision of NLD could gain the continuous support by the 
people to  their party and also could clearly constitute the leading role 
of NLD in the struggle for  democracy in Burma.  This decision also could 
cease the people's long-time frustration on  NLD for taking a time and 
could pave the way of cooperation and unity amongst  opposition forces 
fighting against the Slorc military dictatorship.       Slorc is still 
ignoring and decrying the will of Burmese people and NLD. In the  
announcement issued National Convention Convening Commission today, the 
commission  said that NLD was trying to destroy the benefits and 
fruitfulness of the on-going  National  Convention with destructive 
tactics and also trying to convene another national convention  in which 
they could direct the representatives to work only for their party's 
benefit. The  National Convention Convening Committee furthermore 
unreasonably accused that so- called "NLD leader", kept asking to hold a 
dialogue without any means of control so as to  give commands to the 
government.         According to this announcement, it is clearly be 
noted the Slorc's intention that  does not recognize the will of the 
Burmese people and the leading role of NLD which is  representing a 
people-elected party.  The accusation which said NLD is trying to 
convene  another national convention in which they could direct the 
representatives to work only for  their party's benefit is their denial 
to convene the National Assembly of the 1990 election.   It is also a 
violation of their official Declaration No. 1/90 in which the Slorc 
states that it is  the duty of the elected representatives of the people 
to draw up a constitution.  The Slorc  believe that the on-going National 
Convention which entirely controlled by themselves is  just and right. 
The response to the NLD's repeated request to hold a dialogue meeting as  
no means and as to give commands to the government clearly expresses 
their dictatorial  reckless views.   
We have to forge ahead with restless effort to make Slorc understand that 
their  doomsday will come anytime and their basis of power is not 
supported by the people. The  ABSDF hereby express its strong 
determination to oppose the National Convention that is  attempting to 
prolong the power in the hands of military dictatorship.  Also the ABSDF  
would like to urge the Burmese people to oppose the national Convention 
without  participation of the majority of the people-elected 
representatives during the 1990 election.       
Until and unless the Slorc ignores the call for dialogue, we would like 
to urge the  people to show the support for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and her 
struggle for the  democracy and national reconciliation by doing 
non-cooperation in the Slorc's national  Convention process.  Also we 
would like to ask the representatives of the political party and other  
representatives of the different groups from the National Convention to 
boycott  the on- going Convention with the respect to the will of people 
and their own  reputation.     
For the international community, the ABSDF would like to call on the 
international  pressure to implement the 1994 United Nations General 
Assembly's resolution urging  Slorc to respect the result of 199 May 
Also we would like to request the foreign investment companies and donor  
countries to Burma not to  deal any investment with Slorc and not to give 
any assistance  until and unless Slorc is moving towards the 
democratization and national reconciliation.    
The ABSDF have the sympathy and understanding that Slorc might take some  
action against their dissidents but we have to take risk with sacrifice 
to achieve freedom  from the oppression. We would also like to urge that 
success can be achieved with unity.  
ABSDF Central Committee 
 29 November 1995.  
November 29, 1995 Alert on the students activities inside Burma         
After the Daw Sung San Suu Kyi and her party NLD's statement on 22 
November  1995 concerning the National Convention, students and youth 
inside Burma have launched  their activities in public.        
Last three weeks ago, at St. Mary high school in downtown Rangoon, a 
young boy  student painted a slogan across the school saying military 
dictatorship get out.        
On 24th November,  a statement as issued by a group of 23 veteran 
politicians  (called Dead Tiger). Some of them who signed the statement 
are : Bo Mu Aung, Thakin  Chit, Khin Aung (BCP), U Chit Maung and Thakin 
Lwin (ex-defense minister of Aung  San). They asked the Slorc to move 
towards the national reconciliation and have dialogue  with the 
democratic forces.     
On 28th November, at 10:00am ( the same time National Convention started) 
at  Wayluwon monastery nearby University avenue in Rangoon, a gathering 
of around 60  people came to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Rangoon 
University. Those represented  were from the NLD, High School student 
Union, and the University Students Union. The  ceremony started with the 
arrival of the Sayadaw who prayed with the congregation. Then  four 
students came to the front and started a ceremony. Statements from  New 
Generation  of the Students Union, and Democratic Association of Youth 
and Students (DAYS) were  given out to the crowd.  Then they awarded Aung 
San as a historic honorable university  student award.   Min Zeya 
(chairman of All Burman  Federation of Student Union,  ABFSU, Makatha and 
released from his time in the prison) and Maung Maung Wan (also  a leader 
of student union and was a prison since 1988 and released last year) were 
the  organizers of this ceremony. ( the names should be withheld.)   
Students are planning to have a special activities during the 1-5th 
December in  Rangoon marking the Golden Jubilee of Rangoon University ( 
the same celebration will be  organized by the Slorc). So far there is no 
arrest except the three NLD Youth in front of  the Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's 
ABSDF News Agency
(Dawn Gwin)
November 29, 1995