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Thai Crackdown on Burmese pro-democ (r)

Subject: Re: Thai Crackdown on Burmese pro-democracy dissidents

Dear Burmese Relief Centreand International Network for Burma Relief!

Contraduation! Thank you very much for your statement to Thai authorities to
release U Ye Guang , his wife and Burmese students. Please send more
information to me.


M Aye.



>Burmese dissident groups in Japan responded swiftly by
>condemning Thailand's November 28th arrests of veteran
>journalist U Ye Gyaung, 75, and dissident students attempting
>to stage a peaceful hunger strike in support of Daw Aung San
>Suu Kyi and her recent decision to boycott SLORC's
>convention, which she has frankly characterized as
>undemocratic and a sham.  
>Members of Burmese Relief Center--Japan and International
>Network for Burma Relief expressed their support for the
>recently arrested Burmese in Bangkok and urged Thailand to
>stop supporting the military junta SLORC, which is brutally
>oppressing ordinary Burmese citizens.  They also voiced
>concern for the health of U Ye Gyaung, chief writer for the
>well-respected New Era Journal, a politically sophisticated
>newspaper distributed world-wide, including Japan.
>Some of the students,  reportedly already accepted as refugees
>by Australia, were beginning a hunger strike to draw attention
>to the critical situation inside Burma and to show support for
>Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and her National League for
>Democracy party which is courageously risking retaliation
>from the SLORC junta by refusing to take part in the so-called
>national convention.  Others, ironically, were arrested at
>UNHCR offices in Bangkok, the place they should be the
>While the Thai authorities may be currying favor with the
>SLORC before the visit of Khin Nyunt and Than Shwe to
>Bangkok, these arrests are shortsighted and regrettable.  As
>Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has pointed out, Thailand and Burma
>are neighbors, yet Thailand's treatment of honorable, peaceful
>Burmese patriots is harsh and unfair, and the military seems
>intent on propping up the SLORC for the business
>opportunities it provides them personally.  Many Burmese
>want to believe that ordinary Thais are sympathetic to their
>plight, but they have yet to hear any expression of public
>The pro-democracy groups in Japan urge the Thai government
>to immediately release U Ye Gyaung, his wife, and the
>Burmese students, and to cease its blatant support for the
>SLORC military dictatorship in its oppression of the Burmese
>For more information, contact:
>Dr. Kyaw Tint
>International Network for Burma Relief