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re Total Board of Advisors

Total, in its 1994 Annual Report, stresses "corporate committments" and
"responsability". We will be investigating what that means with their
investments in Burma, now the lead-runner of the billion dollar gas
line project which puts this French gas and oil multinational top on
the list of foreign investors in Burma.

Read what the Total's Annual Report has to say. "Total undertakes major
committments as protecting the environment and reducing risk in out
host communities, maintaining high-quality relations with shareholders
and partners, and encouraging employee stock ownership". =

But really hits the eyes is their International  Advisory Board created
in 1994 "to advise its executive management on geopolitical and
strategic issues". The small but highly powerful group includes Javier
Perez de Cuellar, Ambassador, and former Secretary-General of the
United Nations. It shouldn't surprise you.

"To  broaden our horizons, test and improve our development
assumptions, and open up new avenues of thought, in 1994, we felt is
(ed.it) was desirable to provide Total's executive management with an
International Advisory Board". On the board are some of the world's
most prominent and influential figures in international economics,
diplomacy and politics "all with a broad long-term vision of the
worldwide strategic situation". =

The list includes the following by country:


Raymond Barre, aging former French Prime Minister, Member of the French
Parliament, from Lyon, and former Presidential hopeful. He stepped out
so Chirac could have an easier victory last spring.
Fran=E7ois Bujon de L'Estang, French Ambassador, International Consultant=

Pierre Lellouche, Member of the French Parliament

Paul Wolfowitz, Dean of Paul H Nitze School of Advanced International
Studies, Washington DC, (formerly known as Johns Hopkins School of
Advanced International Affairs, or SAIS, before the Nitze ten million
dollar donation), former American Under Secretary of Defense,

Noboru Hatakeyama, former Japanese Vice Minister for International
Afairs, Ministry of International Trade and Industry

Lee Kuan Yew, Sr. Minister of the Singapore Government

Rt. Hon. Lord Lawson, former Chancellor of the Exchequer

Vladimir Mikhailovich Lopukhin, former Russian Minister of Fuel and
Energy, Sr Advisor to Lazard Fr=E8res and Co. financial investment firm

Dr. Alirio A Parra, formr Chairman of OPEC, former Minister of Energy
and Mines

Javier Perez de Cuellar, Ambassador, former United Nations

Total concludes "We are grateful to all of the Board Members for their
valuable advice on political, economic and technological issues that
affect us in today's rapidly changing world.

All FREE BURMA readers of this message are encourage to contact
immediately these individuals and their organisations and ask for their
immediate resignation from the Total  Advisory Board  in support of the
democratic movement of the NLD and Secretary General of the NLD, Daw
Aung San Suu Kyi. =

Student activists and organisers, please call, write and fax Paul
Wolfowitz, Dean of Paul H Nitze School of Advanced International =

Studies demanding his immediate resignation from Total, and inform your
groups of his involvement with Total. =

Christopher Dietrich
Chief Editor =

What is the world waiting for?
II bis rue du colisee , 75008 Paris, FRANCE
tel. (33 1) 43 29 27 18 ; 43 29 50 71