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BurmaNet News November 30, 1995

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The BurmaNet News: November 30, 1995

Noted in Passing:
	The NLD was not founded because we wanted a nice and cozy 
	niche for ourselves. We knew that there were dangers involved 
	and we were prepared to take them. - Aung San Suu Kyi


November 29, 1995
By Deborah Charles 
(Editor's note: articles on the NLD pull out were also run in AFP, the Nation,
and the Post, selections from these have been added to the end of this article)

    RANGOON, Nov 29 (Reuter) - Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi
said on Wednesday her National League for Democracy (NLD) party had pulled
out of government-run constitutional talks because they do not represent the
will of the people. 

    ``Our intention is always to find the way that is the most beneficial to
the people of the country,'' Nobel Peace laureate Suu Kyi told a news
conference at her home that served as her prison during six years of house

    ``We find at this point that we cannot in all honour support a national
convention which is not heading for what the people want, which is not in any
way desirous of bringing about national reconciliation, multi-party democracy
or a constitution that will be acceptable to all the people of our country.''

The national convention, comprising delegates mostly hand-picked by the
military government, is meeting to draft guidelines for a new constitution.
It has met sporadically since January 1993 and convenes at the whim of the
ruling State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC). 

    The NLD has participated in previous sessions, but has repeatedly called
for changes to the process. 

    NLD secretary general Suu Kyi, who in July was released from house
arrest, said last week the convention was undemocratic and threatened to
boycott. She also repeated an unanswered call for dialogue between
opposition, ethnic groups and the SLORC to restore democracy in Burma. 

    Delegates from the NLD attended the opening session on Tuesday, but
withdrew from the talks when they found their demands for change to the
convention process had not been met. The NLD and other ``elected
representatives'' make up about 15 percent of all delegates to the convention. 

    National convention convening committee chairman Lieutenant General Myo
Nyunt said on Wednesday the NLD's withdrawal will not affect the convention,
which will continue. 

    He lashed out at Suu Kyi saying it was only since she was released from
house arrest that NLD's dissent had become public. 

    ``We can see that the attitudes opposing the National Convention appeared
soon after the restriction order to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was lifted,'' he
said. ``By studying what she said about the National Convention since her
relase it can clearly and obviously be seen that it was intentionally
prepared to spoil (it).'' 

    Suu Kyi said the government reaction could be a threat to her party
members. She said ``special forces officers'' were waiting outside the houses
of at least three senior NLD members, including two, Tin Oo and Kyi Maung,
who had been released from nearly six years of jail in March. 

    ``But the NLD was not founded because we wanted a nice and cozy niche for
ourselves. We knew that there were dangers involved and we were prepared to
take them.'' 

    When asked if she thought she might be rearrested for her outspoken
statements, she said ``anything is possible.'' 

    Suu Kyi said she hoped the NLD's withdrawal from the talks will show
Burma and the world the SLORC's constitutional process is not democratic. 

    ``They can certainly no longer go on pretending that the national
convention is a substitute for dialogue and it is quite clear from what has
happened now that there is no freedom of discussion in the national

    Suu Kyi also called for international recognition of the fact that the
convention process was not democratic hoping it might pressure the SLORC into
a dialogue. 

    When asked what she would suggest to foreign investors who have been
flocking to Burma lately, Suu Kyi said ``I think they jolly well should wait.'' 

(November 30, 1995) added:

     (Aung San Suu Kyi) stressed the party's main aim was dialogue and 
said the junta was to blame for any confrontation. 
 "Refusing to talk to people whose views are different and to
silence them by putting them into prison is far more confrontational than 
asking to discuss our differences across the table," she said.
   The question, analysts said, was whether the junta would allow the face-off 
to escalate or whether it would choose to ignore the NLD on the premise it had 
opted out of the constitutional process.
   Burmese authorities tightened the reins recently on the NLD, putting up 
barricades outside Aung San Suu Kyi's house and arresting three activists for 
obstructing police.
   But a "get-tough" attitude risks backfiring against the junta
which gained credit internationally when it released Aung San Suu
Kyi from six years of house arrest in July and turned a blind eye
to the public meetings she held, analysts said.

   Last week, she told reporters that the convention, which is to frame a 
constitution under which the military would be granted a permanent role 
in future administrations, was being conducted in an undemocratic manner.

   "We are not trying to destroy the National Convention," she said Wednesday. 
"We are trying to make it one that will be acceptable to the people of Burma 
and to the international community."

on November 30, 1995 added: 

Since her release, Suu Kyi has been "continuously expressing
her opposition to the national convention to foreign journalists
ant visitors", Myo Nyunt, told the convention gathering.

     He said Suu Kyi's opposition to the convention grow after
the US ambassador to the United Nations, Madeleine A1bright, met
with her in Rangoon on Sept 9. "One of the reasons for the
boycott was non-compliance by the authorities for dialogue. Her
dialogue has nothing to do with the national convention.

     "Her opposition to the national convention became more
intense after her private talks with the US ambassador to the United Nations, 
Madeleine Albright, who met her in [Rangoon] on Sept 9," he said.

      Myo Nyunt used his opening address on Tuesday to call for
pushing forward with the convention's work. The Slorc "will not
tolerate  any attempt to disrupt or destroy the progress and
achievements made  so far. Slorc will not allow any organization
or group to destroy or disturb the national convention", he said.


November 29, 1995 (abridged)

 (Aung San Suu Kyi's call for "the great majority of the people of Burma" 
to  support her stance received overwhelming response from both 
armed ethnic groups and exiled pro-democracy forces, who 
promptly declared their support to her cause and urged a 
boycott of the "sham" convention.

Several diplomats and Burma watchers believe Suu Kyi has 
come under time constraints and pressure due to the high 
expectations of the Burmese people, as well as some NLD 
members who want to see a head-0n clash with the Slorc.

Moreover, her calls for an economic moratorium have been 
ignored by foreign investors, several of whom have decided 
to pour money into the country regardless of whether or not 
multi-party democracy is restored, they noted.

The Slorc, they said, has remained intransigent to any 
dialogue since it has regained confidence from the steady 
international recognition and massive foreign investments 
that have seemingly subsidized its existence.

Taking into account Suu Kyi's strong belief in non-violence, 
human rights watchers and dissident Burmese groups believe 
the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize laureate will pursue her peaceful 
political crusade against the Slorc.

While some watchers see Suu Kyi's strong statement on 
Wednesday as her first declaration of war against the Slorc, 
Dr Naing Aung  chairman of the All Burma Students' 
Democratic Front (ABSDF), described it as a "Cold War".

In an interview over the weekend, Naing Aung said the seven-
year-old ABSDF movement has for the past two years 
strengthened itself by combining non-violent political 
activities into its armed struggle.

He added that Suu Kyi's release allowed pro-democracy 
movements to concentrate their activities on peace and 
national reconciliation. "We are trying to urge the people 
to move towards that direction and to apply pressure on the 
Slorc to hold a dialogue," he said.

The student group, Naing Aung said, has tried to educate and 
urge the people in Burma to adopt the peaceful tactics of 
civil disobedience or political defiance as two possible 
means of fighting the Slorc.

"We try to look for some tactics that do not require the 
people to go to the streets. Civil disobedience is something 
that even small groups of people, or an individual, can do. 
It can be effective," he said.

Naing Aung believes Suu Kyi and the NLD will send party 
delegates to the convention and have them try to defend and 
fight for their positions in the meeting. "If no positive 
response comes from the Slorc, the NLD will certainly 
boycott the National Convention. In that case we will urge 
other participants to join the boycott," he added.

In that scenario, the Burmese public could utilize several 
methods of civil disobedience to put greater pressure on the 
Slorc. "They can adopt a non-cooperation approach, or stage 
a sit-in or boycott by staying home and refusing to go to 
work," he said, adding the public support and participation 
are crucial to the NLD's survival.

Ironically, the National Convention is the key to the 
survival of both the Slorc and the NLD. If the SLORC  manages to 
squeeze out a new charter, it will then have more power to 
control the people and political activists. "Our revolution 
will certainly take another 40 years or longer," said Naing  Aung.

The political chess game in Burma is still far from over and 
the two players have different time frames and agendas in 
mind. It remains to be seen who will be the first one to say 
"checkmate". (TN)


November 28, 1995

Statement Supporting the Decision by the National League for Democracy
         To Walk Out from the 'National Convention'

                       November 28, 1995

The National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma fully supports 
the resolute decision by the National League for Democracy to walk out 
from the "national convention" as it is being staged by the State Law 
and Order Restoration Council (SLORC) to legitimize military rule.   We 
are truly proud of the NLD leaders who have never showed any hesitation 
in making correct decisions even if they meant risking their own 
personal well-being.

As a party overwhelmingly elected by the people to carry out their will, 
the National League for Democracy is duty bound to do what is most 
beneficial to the people.  In light of the intransigent attitude by the 
SLORC convention authorities and the SLORC itself, the NLD has no option 
left but to leave what Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has described as "a national 
convention which is not heading for what the people want, which is not 
in any way desirous of bringing about national reconciliation, multi-
party democracy or a constitution that will be acceptable to all the 
people of our country."

The NLD has done its best to create conditions conducive to a dialogue 
but the SLORC has refused to show any flexibility.   We firmly believe 
that once the SLORC gives up its ambition of establishing a military 
dictatorship and start realizing that it is in the interest of everyone 
to work together, the problems that Burma face today will fade away.

It has therefore become our duty as well as the duty of the 
international community which wishes to see justice done in Burma to 
dissuade the SLORC from trying to consolidate a military leadership and 
at the same time to give all-out support to the democratization efforts 
undertaken by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the National League for 

The international community must also avoid giving legitimacy to the 
SLORC's national convention or to its outcome and must refrain from 
investing in Burma or giving financial assistance to the SLORC.

Let us all show our firm solidarity with the Burmese struggle for 
democracy by keeping up the pressure on SLORC until the time it sees the 
futility of its selfish exercise and decides to enter into a serious and 
meaningful dialogue with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

The Burmese people will prevail and democracy will come to Burma.


November 29, 1995

ABSDFs statement on the NLDs boycott for the National Convention
        The ABSDF warmly welcomes with our heart-felt congratulation to
the decision and announcement by National League for Democracy (NLD)
saying that NLD would not send its delegation to the on-going National
Convention. It decision was expressed in the letter sent to U Aung Toe,
chairman of the National Convention Convening Commission on November 28,
1995 signed by U Aung Shwe, chairman of NLD. 
        The ABSDF also takes into account the patience of NLD until the
last minute to hold a dialogue with Slorc after they pointed out the lacks
of democratic ways and means in the National Convention and lack of moving
towards ever-lasting peace. 
        The rightful decision of NLD could gain the continuous support by
the people to their party and also could clearly constitute the leading
role of NLD in the struggle for democracy in Burma.  This decision also
could cease the peoples long-time frustration on NLD for taking a time and
could pave the way of cooperation and unity amongst opposition forces
fighting against the Slorc military dictatorship. 
        Slorc is still ignoring and decrying the will of Burmese people
and NLD. In the announcement issued National Convention Convening
Commission today, the commission said that NLD was trying to destroy the
benefits and fruitfulness of the on-going National Convention with
destructive tactics and also trying to convene another national convention
in which they could direct the representatives to work only for their
partys benefit. The National Convention Convening Committee furtermore
unreasonably accused that so- called NLD leader, kept asking to hold a
dialogue without any means of control so as to give commands to the
        According to this announcement, it is clearly be noted the Slorcs
intention that does not recognize the will of the Burmese people and the
leading role of NLD which is representing a people-elected party.  The
accusation which said NLD is trying to convene another national convention
in which they could direct the representatives to work only for their
partys benefit is their denial to convene the National Assembly of the
1990 election.  It is also a violation of their official Declaration No.
1/90 in which the Slorc states that it is the duty of the elected
representatives of the people to draw up a constitution.  The Slorc
believe that the on-going National Convention which entirely controlled by
themselves is just and right. The response to the NLDs repeated request to
hold a dialogue meeting as no means and as to give commands to the
government clearly expresses their dictatorial reckless views. 
        We have to forge ahead with restless effort to make Slorc
understand that their doomsday will come anytime and their basis of power
is not supported by the people. The ABSF hereby express its strong
determination to oppose the National Convention that is attempting to
prolong the power in the hands of military dictatorship.  Also the ABSDF
would like to urge the Burmese people to oppose the national Convention
without partiipation of the majority of the people-elected representatives
during the 1990 election. 
        Until and unless the Slorc ignores the call for dialogue, we would
like to urge the people to show te support for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and
her struggle for the democracy and national reconciliation by doing
non-cooperation in the Slorcs national Convention process. 
        Also we would like to ask the representatives of the political
party and other reprsentatives of the different groups from the National
Convention to boycott the on- going Convention with the respect to the
will of people and their own reputation. 
        For thenternational community, the ABSDF would like to call on the
international pressure to implement the 1994 United Nations General
Assemblys resolution urging Slorc to respect the result of 199 May
        Also we would like to request the foreign investment companies and
donor countries to Burma not t deal any investment with Slorc and not to
give any assistance until and unless Slorc is moving towards the
emocratization and national reconciliation. 
         The ABSDF have the sympathy and understanding that Slorc might
take some action against their dissidents but we have to take risk with
sacrifice to achieve freedom from the oppression. We would also like to
urge that success can be achieved with unity. 
ABSDF Central Committee


CONVENTION    November 29, 1995

                           ABSDF News Release
All Burma Students' Democratic Front fully supports the National League
for Democracy's decisive action to boycott the SLORC's controlled sham
National Convention.  All NLD representatives who had attended the past
sessions are staying away from the National Convention starting today. 
SLORC allowed only five NLD delegates and 99 representatives who won
the 1990 general elections to attend the Convention, representing only on a
small fraction of  the total attendants.

ABSDF believes that NLD representatives have clearly shown their
responsibilities and courage to fulfill the commitment to the restoration of
democracy and human rights for the people of Burma according the task
assigned by the people in 1990 general elections. 

ABSDF deeply deplores the SLOC's negligence of dialogue for national
reconciliation repeatedly called by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and her NLD
party for sake of the entire people of Burma.

ABSDF appeals to the people of Burma and international community to
support  democracy leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's struggle to bring back
democracy and civilian rule to Burma.

Central Leading  Committee
ABSDF Headquarters, 88 Camp


November 28, 1995
>From <caroline@xxxxxxxxxx>

	The following are the letters by U Aung Shwe, chairman of the NLD
concerning the National Convention and by Khun Tun Oo, chairman of Shan
Nationalities League for Democracy. 
Letter by  U Aung Shwe to U Aung Toe, chairman of the National Convention
U Aung Toe
Working Committee of the National Convention Convening Commission
Subject:         National Convention
Reference: NLDs Statement dated 27 November 1995; reference No. 066/org/95
	1. The National League for Democracy, with emphasized respect,
would like to make a special request to reply to the views of the Working
Committee of the National Convening Commission upon the points stated in
the attached statement as soon as possible. 2. As the NLD is especially in
favour of the successful implementation of the National Convention, we
would like to inform you again that the NLD is ready to participate in
building up a genuine multi-party democratic state in accordance with
democratic principles for the benefit of the nation and its people. 3. The
delegates representing the NLD will attend the National Convention Plenary
Session held on 28 November 1995 with an expectation that the authorities
responsible for convening the National Convention will provide them with
its views upon the points mentioned above at the session. Sd/ Aung Shwe
Chairman National League or Democracy On behalf of the NLD delegates
attending the National Convention in the Political Parties Syndicate and
the Elected Representative Syndicate. 
Unofficial Translation
(official seal of the SNLD)
To Senior-General Than Shwe
State Law and Order Restoration Council
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
General Secretary
National League for Democracy
26 November 1995
An appeal for National Reconciliation
	1. The Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD) aiming at
the benefits of the state and its nationals and at the immediate emergence
of peace and development of the country much expected by the people,
hereby submit this appeal with sincerity. 2. It is found that the goal to
build a genuine multi-party democratic is an indifferent and common aim of
the majority of the people and various organizations. If there is a common
aim, we believe that there will be no difficult to cooperate and to hold
dialogue. We also believe that various organization are now carrying out
their tasks, keeping national reconciliation as one of their aims. In
accordance with these objectives, the SNLD will actively join hand and
work for national reconciliation as well as for peace an tranquillity of
the state. 3. under the present political situation arising in the nation,
the people in the whole country is eagerly expecting national
reconciliation amongst ethnic groups as well as amongst various
organizations. We believe that only the solution resolved through
political means, which is the peaceful means for the entire union, will be
able to achieve genuine national reconciliation and peace. 4. We should
always keep an eye on peace, development and improvement of peoples lives
in various states and regions. We believe that it is time to give priority
to this fact. 5. It is the duty of every citizen in the Union of Burma to
work for national reconciliation and for the emergence of the stable and
everlasting union and every citizen I to strive for it without exception.
Shan nationalities have never wanted any events that would create
differences between one another since the time before independence and
this policy of ours remains the same to this day. 6. Hence we hereby
request and appeal sincerely that it is time to strive for national
reconciliation in order to build a genuine democratic union much expected
by the people throughout the country. 
sd/- Khun Tun Oo
Shan Nationalities League for Democracy
ABSDF info from SLORC-BBS: NC will be going on without NLD:

        According to the 11:00am news from the Burmese Broadcasting
Service in Rangoon on 29 Novemeber 1995, the National Convention will be
keep going on without the participation of the NLD. On 27 November, NLD
Chairman U Aung Shwe sent a letter addressed to U Aung Toe, Chairman of NC
Convening Committe, asking to discuss with the NLD their views on the
National Convention and again on 28 November another letter was sent
asking for a response to their request. On the same day the NLD sent its
third letter saying that the NLD would not attend a National Convention
that is not based on democratic principles.  In this letter, the NLD
proposed that the National Convenion Convening Committee should abolish
all Convention regulations that are not democratic, to allow NLD to elect
its new representatives to the National Convention and to work for the
holding of dialogue in order to work on these issues. 
        According to the BBS (Burmese state-owned station) news, the NLD
is trying to destroy the benefits and fruitfulness of the on-going
National Convention with destructive tactics. It is also trying to convene
another national convention in which they can direct the representatives
to work only for their partys benefit. The National Convention Convening
Committee belives that the, so-called NLD leader, keeps asking to hold a
dialogue without any means of control so as to give commands to the
government.  After the NLD did not get a response from the government,
they stepped up their campaign in order to destroy the National
Convention. Their actions and intentions are not to work for the benefits
of the state but for their own partys benefit. Their action also ignores
the national interest of Burma.  The National Convention Convening
Committe will never give up its noble duties to the nation. The National
Convention will be going on as scheduled, based on the success that the
National Convention has achieved, with the participation of other groups
even without the participation of NLD representatives, the news said. 


November 28, 1995

Rangoon: Old heroes of Burma's independence struggle have urged the 
country's military regime to begina dialogue with democracy movement 
leader Ms Aung San Suu Kyi for the sake of a peaceful and united 
Word of the appeal is spreading in the capital on the eve of a 
national convention that will; be a test of wills between Ms Suu Kyi 
and SLORC....
A well-placed delegate to the convention told The Australia that Ms 
Suu Kyi's credibility was on the line following her cticism of the 
convention and rejection of the constitution it is designed to 
produce - one that would guarantee SLORC permanent and substantial 
I she and her National League for Democracy went along with 
convention proceedings on SLORC's terms. she would be "down the 
This session of the convention will deal with the key issues of the 
roles of the executive, the legislature ans the judiciary.
ALORC also raised the stakes yesterday with a bitter attack on Ms Suu 
Kyi, saying that speeches at her rallies almost amounted tp a ca;; 
"Rise up, peasants", and suggesting the movement should be held 
responsible if there riots in the country.
The delegate who did not want to be named... warned that unless all 
sides worled together, there as no way out. Asked if Ms SDuu Kyi's 
support among the people was holding, he said,"It is more, more now". 
But he added, pretending to pull a trigger, the army has the gun and 
she has the people".
The call for dialogue was signed by 23 people who described 
themselves as having taken part in various stages of the 
independence struggle against the Japanese and the British. They 
included 86 year old Mr Bohmu Ang, one of the 6 survivors of the 
legendary 30 Comrades who were the founders of free Burma. Ms Suu 
Kyi's father, Aung San was a member of the elite group.
The call was presented to SLORC on Friday afternoon. That night all 
23 were informed that they would be taken in for a "briefing" the 
next day. The "briefing" led by the Home Minister, Mr Tin Hlaing and 
involving police and intelligence chiefs lasted from late morning to 
Sources say that one of the "briefers" became very angry and accused 
the signatories of being an  "offshoot of the axe handle of the 
imperialists", a reference to Ms Suu Kyi. They were asked which 
imperialist had asked them to write the letter.
Mr Bohmu Ang replied that they had written the  letter because they 
really believed that dialogue should happen.
In the Rangoon hothouse, conspiracy theories are flourishing. One is 
that SLORC itself instigated the letter to give it a face saving 
avenue towards talks with Ms Suu Kji.
Another is that Burma's 84 year old former dictator, General Ne Win 
was behind it. General Ne Win, so the argument goes is still a force 
in the shadows. He wants to be resurrected as the benefactor of the 
people and is encouraging a dialogue for peace.
A call for dialogue has also been made by the Shan National League 
for Democracy, which has the second largest party in representation at 
the convention dominated by SLORC-controlled delegates.


November 29, 1995

Dear All,

Now is an extremely crucial moment since ASSK has been released.  SLORC is
going ahead with the sham National Convention being resumed in Rangoon
yesterday instead of preparing for a dialogue with the National League for
Democracy, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and other democratic forces such as ethnic

Under the leadership of ASSK,  The NLD has issued a press statement rightly
calling the so-called Convention as totally undemocratic.  If SLORC has its
way, the Constitution which is to be created out of this convention will
guarantee SLORC a permanent seat in any future government of Burma.  Our
legitimate leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi herself has called the convention as
"a gathering for paper-reading", as the participating representatives all
of whom are hand-picked by SLORC are required to submit in writing anything
they plan to say for SLORC's advance approval.  On the second day of this
national convention, the NLD representatives refused to attend as a protest
against SLORC's manipulation of what could otherwise be a first step toward
genuine democratic change.

One rumor is that a group of 24 individuals in their 70s and 80s who fought
in the country's independence struggle against Britain sent a letter to
SLORC appealing for national reconciliation.  All these individuals were
"briefed" by chiefs of infamous intelligence bureaus (National Intelligence
Bureau, Special Branch, Directorate of Defence Services Intelligence, etc.)
from late morning to dusk and accused of working for "the axe of
imperialists", i.e., Aung San Suu Kyi.

The democratic organizations outside Burma, including the National
Coalition Government of the Union of Burma headquartered in Washington, DC,
have issued a statement endorsing fully NLD's position and calling for
peaceful negotiation between SLORC and all democratic forces led by Daw
Aung San Suu Kyi.

Conventionally we write letters to US lawmakers and the UN.  However,
following partially the Amnesty International's tactics, let us all lanch
both a letter writing campaign and phone campaign directed at SLORC Embassy
in Washington, DC.

Please do know that the world's opinion does matter as Aung San Suu Kyi
herself has pointed upon her release on July 10 this year.  And SLORC does
care how the world reponds to its slimy behaviors.  The embassies do report
to the National Intelligence Bureau on the latest developments in the world
daily. (This is the coordinating body of high level intelligence made up of
the ministers of Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs, and Defence.)

Let's flood the SLORC embassy with phone, letters, and faxes.

		General Than Shwe (Chairman, Slorc)
                                         C/O  His Excellency U Thaung
                                        Embassy of Burma (please be sure
			not to use "Myanmar")
                                        2300 S. Street, NW
                                        Washington, DC 20008

                                       TEL: 202-332-9044
                                        FAX: 202-332-9046

Send a copy of letter (if you write) to:

 1).  your senator
 2).  Senator John Kerry, 421 Senate Russell Bldg., Washignton, DC 20510
        (fax: 202-224-8525)
 3).  Senator McKain, 241 Senate Russell Bldg., Washington, DC 20510

Both McKain and Kerry want to deal with Slorc adopting business-as-usual
approach, and sit on the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee.

You won't be able to speak to the Ambassador.  But please ask the
receptionist who normally answers the phone, to transfer you to one of the
Secretaries,  Deputy-chief-of-mission or the military attache.  And express
your strong support for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi as the legitimate leader of
the country and her call for national reconciliation through dialogue.
Please make sure to let them know that the rest of the world won't be
fooled by Slorc's sham national convention.

Let's go!!!

Free Burma Coalition