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Date: Thu Nov 30 01:19:35 1995
Subject: Bomb blast shows against SLORC's N.C
>From : FTUB (West Burma) <butro.atubdo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Bomb blast shows against the SLORC's N.C.
Report from our field organizer
Bomb blast took place in two different places in Tamu (Indo-Burma border 
town of Burmese side) on 28.11.95 at 5:00 a.m. ( India Standard Time). 
One was at the TLORC (Township Law and Order Restoration Council) office 
and the other was at the USDA (Union Solidarity and Development 
Association) office.
The first explosion took place in front of the USDA office.
The second one was found by the army personnel near the office of the 
TLORC and purposely the soldiers explode the bomb by gun fire.
There were no causalities at the site of explosion.
Paper notes were scattered near the blast site.
The contents of the notes are as follow:-
(1) To denounce the National Convention held by the SLORC.
(2) To stop the forced labor, porterage and all activities which trouble to 
      the people.
(3) People in the Saggaing Division need to be united and actively against the 
      SLORC's activities.
The SLORC considered to this event that it was systematically pre-planed and 
aimed not to hurt the people, only to show the agitation against the National 
Convention. Regarding this event the SLORC suspected on Chin activists.
The border was banned by the SLORC and the investigation and detention 
are being done.
------ End ------