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Burmese junta in threat to Suu Kyi.


RANGOON, Thursday: The Burmese military regime has stepped up its attack on
the democracy leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, with a threat to "annihilate" those
who upset national stability.

The army commaner, General Tin Oo, said it was essential the country had a
strong military, which must give priority to ensuring national security.

"The Tatmadaw [Army] will resolutely take action against and annihilate
those who disturb the interests of the nation," he said in a sppech to
Defence Ministry officials yesterday.

General Tin Oo, akey member of the ruling State Law and Order Restoration
Council, did not mention Ms Suu KYi or her National League for Democracy
(NLD) by name.

But in a separate statement, the regime accused the NLD - which announced a
boycott of the national convention on Tuesday - of acting "with ill
premeditation" against the reform process.

The convention is drafting a constitution to entrench the power of military,
which crushed a democracy uprising in 1988, when more than 3,000 people were
killed. The NLD has said its 87 delegates will refuse to sit in the
convention until the regime opens talks on restorating democracy.

A tense stand-off continued between the authorities and the NLD as Ms Suu
Kyi met the party executive to discuss the next move, Police and military
intelligence agents continued their surveillance of the homes of several
senior party officials but no move was made to arrest them.

The official New Light of Myanmar newspaper quoted the convention chairman,
General Myo Nyunt, as accusinf the NLD of "acting with unrightteous intent,
resulting in acts of perpetration to wreck the national convention". He
insisted the drafting of the new constitution would go ahead without the NLD.

"Just because a group turned its back on the noble objectives and programs
for peaceful and prosperous development of the State, we have no reason at
all to abandon all our programs," he said.

(The SMH, 1.12.95, P11).