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Unity (To all of Burmese people).

         Once upon a time there were two men. One was blind and the other
was lame. They were walking along together one day when they came to a bad
piece of road. It was very bumpy and there were great potholes in it. When
the blind man realised what the road was like, he stopped.

"Will you help me over this difficult bit?" he asked the lame man.

"How can I?" asked the lame man. "You know I can't walk properly. My legs
are so bad I can hardly get along myself. How can I possibly help you?"

Then he thought about it for a moment. "There is something we could try," he
said. "If I climb up on your back, you can carry me. Then I can tell you
where to put your feet as we go along. That way, we can use your legs and my
eyes together."

They tried it and it worked. The blind man gave the lameman a piggy back
over the rough ground and the lame man told the blind man where to tread.
That way they both made it across the bad stretch of road.