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A quick update from CFB,BI; by David Horne
		    (Campaign for a Free Burma of Bloomington, Indiana)

The meetings continue and activism gains momentum.  Starting November 17 
"Beyond Rangoon" will begin several showings at the Indiana University 
Fine Arts Auditorium and campus bar/restaurant theater "Bears Place".  
CFB will have a table set up at the University showings and will be 
selling traditional Burmese food, Japanese food and American food to help 
raise funds.  The event is strictly educational.  Here are the following 
dates, times, locals for anyone who might be in the area.

17*****7pm-Fine Arts
18     7:15pm-Bears
19     5:15pm-Bears
21     6:30pm-Bears
24     7pm-Arts
25     4:45pm-Bears
26     5:15pm-Bears
27     8:15pm-Arts
30     7pm-Arts
2      4:45pm-Bears

**On Nov. 14 there will be a leafletting of the Showing "Raise the Bamboo 
Curtain:Burma and Vietnam."  This is a Pro-SLORC film on the campus.  

**On Nov. 8 we showed the film, "The Burma Deception".  A small crowd 
attended.  Tun Myint answered questions after the show.

Thank you!

	Suit the Action to the word, the word to the action; with this 
special observance, that you o'erstep not the modesty of nature.
					-Hamlet, III, iii, 20