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I don't think you know every film on Burma at least "Caught in the 
Crossfire" which was premier at Beijing Conference on Women.  If you want 
to know more you could order from us. Then you will know another film on 

Images Asia/Chiangmai/Thailand

P.S. If you want to have a copy of "Burma Deception" please contact "Burma 
Issue"in Bangkok, E-mail: durham@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, they are the producer of 
Burma Deception.On 9 Nov 1995 Chochowin@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Hi-
> What is the film, "The Burma Deception"? Is it a video? I thought I had or
> knew of every film on Burma, but this eludes me. Any way I could see
> it/borrow it (if a video)?
> Best