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You won't get it from Blockbuster. I would be very happy if blockbuster 
carries this kind of video in seprate section. As you might have already 
received a reply from Douglas of Bangkok, please write to Burma Issue 
Group in Bangkok in order to get Burma Deception.


Tun Myint

On Fri, 10 Nov 1995, Conference 'reg.burma' wrote:

> Date: Fri, 10 Nov 95 10:07:40 EST
> From: Conference 'reg.burma' <burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: tmyint@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: HOOSIER NOTES
> From: David Horne <dhorne@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Dear friend of burma,
> 	Yes it is a video.  It is about 45min.  It is mainly in Burmese, 
> and several ethnic languages, but there is captions at the bottom.  If 
> you want to know how to obtain a copy than I would suggest that you email 
> Tun Myint our campign organizer whom owns our copy.  His address is 
> tmyint@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> 				Thanks,
> 				David Horne
> On 9 Nov 1995 Chochowin@xxxxxxx wrote:
> > Hi-
> > What is the film, "The Burma Deception"? Is it a video? I thought I had or
> > knew of every film on Burma, but this eludes me. Any way I could see
> > it/borrow it (if a video)?
> > Best
> >