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	The following are the letters by U Aung Shwe, chairman of the NLD
concerning the National Convention and by Khun Tun Oo, chairman of Shan
Nationalities League for Democracy. 
Letter by  U Aung Shwe to U Aung Toe, chairman of the National Convention
U Aung Toe
Working Committee of the National Convention Convening Commission
Subject:         National Convention
Reference: NLDs Statement dated 27 November 1995; reference No. 066/org/95
	1. The National League for Democracy, with emphasized respect,
would like to make a special request to reply to the views of the Working
Committee of the National Convening Commission upon the points stated in
the attached statement as soon as possible. 2. As the NLD is especially in
favour of the successful implementation of the National Convention, we
would like to inform you again that the NLD is ready to participate in
building up a genuine multi-party democratic state in accordance with
democratic principles for the benefit of the nation and its people. 3. The
delegates representing the NLD will attend the National Convention Plenary
Session held on 28 November 1995 with an expectation that the authorities
responsible for convening the National Convention will provide them with
its views upon the points mentioned above at the session. Sd/ Aung Shwe
Chairman National League or Democracy On behalf of the NLD delegates
attending the National Convention in the Political Parties Syndicate and
the Elected Representative Syndicate. 
Unofficial Translation
(official seal of the SNLD)
To Senior-General Than Shwe
State Law and Order Restoration Council
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
General Secretary
National League for Democracy
26 November 1995
An appeal for National Reconciliation
	1. The Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD) aiming at
the benefits of the state and its nationals and at the immediate emergence
of peace and development of the country much expected by the people,
hereby submit this appeal with sincerity. 2. It is found that the goal to
build a genuine multi-party democratic is an indifferent and common aim of
the majority of the people and various organizations. If there is a common
aim, we believe that there will be no difficult to cooperate and to hold
dialogue. We also believe that various organization are now carrying out
their tasks, keeping national reconciliation as one of their aims. In
accordance with these objectives, the SNLD will actively join hand and
work for national reconciliation as well as for peace an tranquillity of
the state. 3. under the present political situation arising in the nation,
the people in the whole country is eagerly expecting national
reconciliation amongst ethnic groups as well as amongst various
organizations. We believe that only the solution resolved through
political means, which is the peaceful means for the entire union, will be
able to achieve genuine national reconciliation and peace. 4. We should
always keep an eye on peace, development and improvement of peoples lives
in various states and regions. We believe that it is time to give priority
to this fact. 5. It is the duty of every citizen in the Union of Burma to
work for national reconciliation and for the emergence of the stable and
everlasting union and every citizen I to strive for it without exception.
Shan nationalities have never wanted any events that would create
differences between one another since the time before independence and
this policy of ours remains the same to this day. 6. Hence we hereby
request and appeal sincerely that it is time to strive for national
reconciliation in order to build a genuine democratic union much expected
by the people throughout the country. 
sd/- Khun Tun Oo
Shan Nationalities League for Democracy
NC will be going on without NLD, Slorc official announcment
        According to the 11:00am news from the Burmese Broadcasting
Service in Rangoon on 29 Novemeber 1995, the National Convention will be
keep going on without the participation of the NLD. On 27 November, NLD
Chairman U Aung Shwe sent a letter addressed to U Aung Toe, Chairman of NC
Convening Committe, asking to discuss with the NLD their views on the
National Convention and again on 28 November another letter was sent
asking for a response to their request. On the same day the NLD sent its
third letter saying that the NLD would not attend a National Convention
that is not based on democratic principles.  In this letter, the NLD
proposed that the National Convenion Convening Committee should abolish
all Convention regulations that are not democratic, to allow NLD to elect
its new representatives to the National Convention and to work for the
holding of dialogue in order to work on these issues. 
        According to the BBS (Burmese state-owned station) news, the NLD
is trying to destroy the benefits and fruitfulness of the on-going
National Convention with destructive tactics. It is also trying to convene
another national convention in which they can direct the representatives
to work only for their partys benefit. The National Convention Convening
Committee belives that the, so-called NLD leader, keeps asking to hold a
dialogue without any means of control so as to give commands to the
government.  After the NLD did not get a response from the government,
they stepped up their campaign in order to destroy the National
Convention. Their actions and intentions are not to work for the benefits
of the state but for their own partys benefit. Their action also ignores
the national interest of Burma.  The National Convention Convening
Committe will never give up its noble duties to the nation. The National
Convention will be going on as scheduled, based on the success that the
National Convention has achieved, with the participation of other groups
even without the participation of NLD representatives, the news said. 
ABSDF News Agency