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No UN visit yet to Burma (r)

Dear sender,

If you have any information concerning about UN visit to Burma would mind
sending me in the future.

With regards,
Ms. Sanda

On 1 Nov 1996 darnott@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> The UPI wire of 30 Oct that Alvaro de Soto, the 
> Secretary-General's envoy to Burma, would visit the country
> next week is somewhat premature. The Secretary-General's
> office has been negotiating for several months over the
> conditions for a visit, but so far no agreement has been
> reached. 
> Another point is that the Secretary-General's mandate is more
> to explore political solutions with the Burmese military than
> to carry out human rights fact-finding, which falls more
> within the mandate of Mr Lallah, the Special Rapporteur on
> Myanmar appointed by the Commission on Human Rights. Mr Lallah 
> also has asked to visit the country; but so far without
> success. 
> David Arnott, Burma Peace Foundation
> 1/Nov/96