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Boycott Visit Myanmar Year (r)

Dear All,
We are planning to protest the "Visit Myanmar Year" on November 18, 1996,
the official starting day of the season designated by the SLORC. And also we
will distribute the appeal letter to the Japanese people not to visit on
Visit Myanmar Year in front of the office of the All Nippon Airline
(ANA)which has shuttled between Osaka and Rangoon directly, the Japan Travel
Bureau (JTB), and the Ministry of International Trade and Industry on
November 13, 14, and 15 .
We would like to urge the Burmese democratic forces and to those
(non-Burmese) who are helping to restore democracy in Burma to stage a
protest on November 18.
If there's any plan to protest the Visit Myanmar Year on that day, please
give us your information including how many people will take part in protest.

With true spirit
Kyaw Kyaw Soe 
Burma Youth Volunteer Association (Japan)
Tel:/Fax 813-5395-0589