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RealAudio BurmaSong (r)


Will you be updating these .ra files on the regular bases?  How can I get some 
recent broadcasting?  I've tried contacting the DVB and you both a few times 
however neither of you responded to my query.

Pls help!

Thank you.

PS:  It's really a super idea especially for those who can't receive that 
frequency in certain part of the area.  An outstanding job you guys have done!

To: burmanet-l @ igc.apc.org @ internet
cc:   (bcc: Winston Lee/SHI)
Date: Friday  November 1, 1996 05:15 AM    
Subject: RealAudio BurmaSong

Dear Friends,

Since we have been streaming the Democratic Voice of Burma Broadcast from 
the BurmaSong site <http://users.imagiware.com/wtongue/dvb.html>, some 
questions about the way the files play have arisen.

Thomas at Imagiware has confirmed what I suspected: if you have 
difficulty playing the RealAudio files, the problem is not at the 
RealAudio server or with your computer but is caused by the volumn of 
traffic on the Internet between the two. 

The same circumstances which slow the transfer of imafe and text files 
also can cause the RA files to download too slowly to play properly or 
raise an error message telling you there is insufficient bandwidth for 
them to play at all.

The information highway sometimes can turn into a parking lot. Your best 
option is to try playing the files at a different time. 

Peace and Courage,