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                        EMERGENCY STATEMENT
                                                Date.: 4/11/1996.
Subject: : Emergency Statement upon the Hand-over of 11 Burmese 
who decided to stand with pro-democracy groups and one Burmese student 
refugee, named Ko Ko Naing to the SLORC (State Law and Order Restoration 
Council) by a Military Intellgence Officer.
1. We , Burmese pro-democracy activists in India informed about 
the mentioned situation to India Government, International 
community and Human-Rights organizations inquire the said 
matter and take prompt action.
2. On 21st Aug. 1996, according to the BBC Burmese section 
reportedly announced 6 Burmese defectors were deported to 
Burma. It was reported by BBC correspondent Mr. Suprime 
Bommit based on the report given by one of the Indian Army's 
3. Although the BBC mentioned 6 persons in its news, our 
investigation reveals the real number as 12 persons including Ko 
Ko Naing, the Burmese student and another five defectors who 
have been recognized as refugees by UNHCR.
4. By the evidences these 12 victims were deceived by the one 
Military Intellgence Officer and handed over to the SLORC.
5. And also we found that the information regarding, 104 defectors 
from Burmese Army led by Maj. Aung Kyaw who joined to the 
pro-democracy groups based in India is only a rumor.
6. According to our latest information Ko Ko Naing was sent to 
Monywa jail and put to dark cell and subject to severe torture 
but the destiny of the 11 defectors, remain unknown.
7. Under these circumstances, we are gravely concerned about the 
safety of pro-democracy activists residing in India.
a). We urge to the Government of India to disclose the real incident 
of handing Ko Ko Naing and eleven defectors over SLORC and take 
affective action against the responsible personnel.
b). We request the people of India and International Human-Rights 
organizations to prevent the recurrence of such gruesome incidents.
c). We urge UNHCR and International Human-Rights organizations to extend 
their protection to Ko Ko Naing who is at present in Monywa jail and 
eleven defectors who are missing in hand of SLORC.
d). We demand UNHCR and government of India to review their policy 
concerning the affairs of defector of Burma Army who had come to seek 
asylum in India.
e). We also urge Government of India to adopt a policy which fully 
guarantee the safety of pro-democracy activists residing in India.
                        Burmese pro-democracy activists in India
Brief Biography of Ko Ko Naing and Burmese defectors
Ko Ko Naing is a Burmese student and president of Democratic Students 
of Burma (DSB). He took part in Burma Democratic movement. He had been 
recognized by UNHCR since (25.19.1991). Hiw certificate No. is BU-000035. 
He arrived at India on (2.4.1989) and stayed at Champhi Refugee Camp for 
2 years. He was 25 years old and lived in Zaganing Quarter Pegu Town 
of Burma.
                LIST OF THE 11 DEFECTORS
Name                   Rank       Unit      Private   Address in Burma
1. Kyaw Moe (22yrs)   L.Corporal  LIG 269   825676    Kyawkan Village,
                                                      Myaun Mya, 
Irrawaddy Div.
2. Aung Win (24yrs)   Private      -do-      963398   Chaung Son Village, 
Pwint Phyu
                                                      Township, Mague Div.
3. San Oo (21yrs)        -do-      -do-      996567   Sint Gaing, 
Mandalay Div.
4. Khin Maung Wai(19yrs) -do-      -do-      963399   Min Suu village, 
Myo Thit
                                                      Magwe Division.
5. Kyaw Naing Lin(18yrs) -do-      -do-      977037   Aung Tha village, 
Thar Si
                                                      Township, Mandalay Div.
6. Kyaw Moe Khaing(21yrs)-do-      -do-      770177   Ye Kyi, Irrawaddy Div.
7. Win Zaw (20yrs)       -do-      -do-      911747   
8. San Lin (22yrs)       -do-      -do-      959624   
9. Kyaw Han (24yrs)      -do-      -do-      826279
10. Khin Maung Oo(24yrs) -do-      -do-      772571
11. Kyaw Zan             -do-    LIG 540     954988