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SLORC continues torture of student (r)

Subject: Re: SLORC continues torture of student leaders

Regarding Dr. Aye Chan, I would like to add a few comments:

He worked at Rangoon University after his completion of Ph. D. in 
International Relation from University of Kyoto, Japan. He is really 
simple university teacher: meaning that almost apolitical (non-poli in 
Japanese). He was arrested because he helped his students by transporting 
with his car. The long-term prison sentence for him was reportedly based 
on the military government's speculation  that he and DASSK were friends 
as they were once studying at the same university in Japan. That 
speculation is not necessarily true and it is not a crime either. Most 
funniest thing is that Kyoto University so proud for DASSK when she 
received  Nobel Prize while almost everybody in Japan would not want to 
talk about Ko Aye Chan because they knew that he was arrested and 
sentenced 14 years or so.  I have never heard of a word of concern from 
Japanese authorities to help this innocent fellow in prison; but Japanese 
are really eager to promote trade with SLORC.

PS: Remember that International Relation was Daw Ni Ni Myint's subject in 
Rangoon University.

Kyaw Tint