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Suu Kyi's motorcade stoned

(Recasts with stone-throwing attack, adds new quotes)
RANGOON, Nov 9 (Reuter) - A motorcade taking Burmese opposition leader Aung
San Suu Kyi to meet supporters near her home was attacked by a group
throwing stones, she said on Saturday.
Suu Kyi, who was unhurt in the incident on Saturday afternoon, later told
reporters the attack might have been orchestrated by the Burmese
authorities, and criticised the ruling military government for allowing it
to happen.
A government official confirmed the incident and said the authorities were
investigating. He said a government security officer in Suu Kyi's motorcade
had waved his pistol in the air to disperse the stone-throwers.
The official said the attack must have been launched by people who objected
to Suu Kyi's policies or activities.
The Nobel laureate and the ruling State Law and Order Restoration Council
(SLORC) have been engaged in a standoff over her demand for greater
democracy in Burma since her release from six years of house arrest last July.
The SLORC has detained and later released hundreds of her National League
for Democracy (NLD) party supporters and members at various times in what
was seen as an attempt to put pressure on her to curb her activities.
Suu Kyi said the motorcade came under attack in the late afternoon as it was
leaving the house of U Kyi Maung, deputy president of her NLD, less than a
mile (one and a half kms) from her home.
The stones smashed the windshields of three cars carrying NLD vice chairman
U Tin Oo, security officials and police.
After the incident Suu Kyi met several hundred supporters who had waited
near checkpoints set up by police to bar public access to her residence. The
barriers were aimed at preventing her from holding her regular weekend
public gatherings for the seventh consecutive week, NLD sources said.
She spoke to her supporters briefly and asked them to return home
peacefully, without mentioning the stone-throwing incident, witnesses said.
Suu Kyi charged that uniformed security officers stationed in the area had
done nothing to stop the stone throwers. "It was very obvious that these
people were stationed there at the sanction of the authorities," she said.
"These uniformed people did not lift a finger to stop the attackers. The
whole thing was carefully orchestrated by the authorities. What kind of
government is it that allows such hooliganism," she added.  
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