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Daw Su Kyi s motorcade being harass

Subject: Daw Su Kyi s motorcade being harassed by mob

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Daw Su Kyi s motorcade being harassed by mob
	Aung San Su Kyi has been holding weekend speeches in 
front of her compound with spectators of about 2000 to 3000. 
The local authorities had for several times told her not to hold 
such meetings and tried to prevent such events from taking 
place by putting road blocks on the road in front of her 
compound. But she has refused to comply with what the 
authorities have said and continued to hold mass rallies.

	She also tried to gather people to give speeches near the 
Sedona Hotel on the Kaba Aye Pagoda road which is about a 
mile from her residential compound. On the 9th of November, 
today, Daw Su Kyi has a crowd assembled near the junction of 
Kokine and Goodliffe Road where she intended to give a 
speech. On her way to the rallying point after leaving U Kyi 
Maung s house at about 3:45 pm a group of people standing 
nearby the road threw stones and harassed her motorcade.

	The motorcade consist of 5 cars in which U Tin Oo was in 
one, Daw Su Kyi in one, the youth from her compound in one, 
one police car and one security car. In this incident U Tin Oo s 
and the police car windshields were slightly damaged while the 
security car was badly damaged.

	In order to disperse the crowd the security officer of the 
damaged car fired his pistol into the air and managed to drive 
away from the scene.

	The windshield and all the windows of the security car 
was damaged during this incident. Following this incident the 
security personnel cleared out all the various group of people in 
the vicinity and the area was cleaned out by 6:30 pm. Another 
incident took place on the 3rd of November at about 5:30 pm 
near the Goodliffe traffic point where one local citizen was 
being stabbed by a member of the NLD.


Source: from Myanmar authority concerned