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Suu Kyi said "They are being used t (r)

I would like to draw attention to the events in 1967 when there were racial
riots in Rangoon.  Ne Win's government was in trouble and rice supplies were
running low.  The government planted agents in the community who spread
propaganda and organised the local populace to demonstrate against the
Chinese Red Guards.  Once the crowds were formed, the next step was easy.
Agent provocateurs incited the crowds to violence.   Many innocent Chinese,
were dragged from their houses and flats and beaten,  their household
belongings burnt in the street,  an unknown number died, pushed off
balconies or clubbed to death.  It was a shameful time for those who allowed
themselves to be manipulated in this manner.

Very obvious at that time, was the armed escort that was provided for the
rioting mobs.  Military personnel stood by with their armalite rifles in
full combat gear, in a stance that left no doubt that they intended to
protect the mobs.  Ne Win then had a good excuse to slap a curfew on for the
next three months.  Brilliant!

A recent report indicated a return to these tactics by spreading rumours
about Muslims in Burma so that people's attention will be diverted to the
desperate situation in which the SLORC finds itself.  With the shortage of
fuel and a reluctance of suppliers to give credit, (with SLORC's reputation
- who in their right mind -  would give credit?) the whole machine of
military oppression could come to a grinding halt.