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[Fwd: Recruiting for INCLEAR Projec

Subject: [Fwd: Recruiting for INCLEAR Project]

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Subject: Recruiting for INCLEAR Project
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 1996 08:59:33 +0000
Organization: Important Stuff Institute
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Although we cannot begin to compete with all the new Burma organizations
that have popped up in the last month or so, we at INCLEAR are
soliciting resumes from interested expatriates as well as nationals from
"that (formerly) troubled land."

In particular, we are seeking the following:

A) Linguists and translators
B)  Former Burmese attorneys and/or accountants
C)  Former Burmese journalists
D)  Burmese real estate developers, brokers, and dealers

We pay little and offer few benefits, but the work is interesting.
Future share of profits from upcoming venture in Myanmar/Burma
negotiable depending on background and experience. Affiliations with
existing (not new) regional organizations also possible.

We seek a blend of experience and youth, male and female from all
regions in Burma/Myanmar. Experience preferred.


INCLEAR is strictly business without any political affiliation.

Send CV with photo to:

John Gregory Scherb
Attorney at Law
Suite 206
316 West 4th Street
Santa Ana CA 92701

All applications kept in confidence except as to permission granted by
applicant. Thank you and may the blessing of the Lord be upon all of us.