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request 4 info

 >From edbedj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Fri Nov  8 19:03:04 1996
 >Date: Sat, 9 Nov 1996 11:06:19 +0800 (GMT+0800)
 >From: "Beja . Edsel L. Jr." <edbedj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 >To: tun@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 >Subject: request 4 info         
 >dear sir/ma'am,
 >(pls forward this email to individuals doing research or interested
 >in the topic: trafficking of women.)
 >i am doing research on the international trafficking in women from asian
 >to european countries (particularly between the philippines and belgium),
 >and would like to ask suggestions on articles, books, web-sites, etc,
 >and especially data sources that i can consult for this study.
 >thank you very much.
 >E.L.Beja Jr.