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Paris, November 10,1996
To Joe Jarrell <joe@xxxxxxxxxxx>
cc.Conference "reg.burma" <burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Multiple recipients of list <free-burma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
from EURO-BURMANET Dawn Star <cd@xxxxxxx>

Dear Tom Spontelli, 

Thank you this most alarmingly distinguished award which we must
decline with heads bowed -- and accept with outraged exuberance! 

We will do all we can our side to see that the battlelines are clearly
drawn against the half-truths and manipulated lies
of doctrine and dogma.

Readers who are not yet aware of Disinformation's website can easily
find it on Yahoo's home page along with
the search engines like AltaVista, Redbot etc...Millions of people are
hitting it every week! 

That is great news for the FREE BURMA MOVEMENT, and we thank you for
Its really amazing if not unreal.

Tomorrow, in France, many of the surviving French World War I veterans,
- yes 1914-1918 WW I veterans,
will be celebrating their newly bestowed Legion d'Honor granted to them
by President Chirac! Let us 
all remember that the Great War that set the stage for this century's
political economy and 
modern communication was largely engineered by a masterfully played-out
propaganda and information warefare,
engineered by governments and justice departments for mobilizing the
public and filling in the ranks with 
brave, patriotic young men. Those who resisted, and who did not escape
the wrath of the Great Powers,
were shot, imprisoned, beaten, or simply socially cut-off. 

The greatest writer and war correspondant of his time, John Reed
(Harvard 1910), went underground, out-distanced 
J. Edgar Hoover's G-men as America's public enemy #1, and eventually 
surfaced in Russia, where
he eventually died in 1920, not yet 33 years old.  We will hear more
from him later...

The result of the Great War's propaganda information machine? Tens of
millions of people killed, Wall Street
enriched, populatiions displaced, immigrations and cheap labor
exhausted industrial nations, America quickly became a creditor nation,
having bought up French and British gold and notes,
Lenin arrived at Finland Station, Paris cafes reopened, and  Hitler
marched on for revenge.
President Wilson fought bravely, having denounced secret treaties only
to endorse them in reshaping 
strategic territories for oil and plunder, all the while battling for
his League of Nations, the fore-bearer of today's United Nations.
In the United States, we can all thank Walter Lippmann (working in
intelligence) and George Creel, of the Committee of Public Information,
for their tireless committment to truth, liberty and happiness.

Together let us embrace the emerging international "culture" for growth
and prosperity for all,- and not only those with modems.Of course
combatting the overly sophisticated electronic community at large
requires some very
fancy networking, so lets get on with it! 

So, as we salute the brave war heros dead and still living, of the Great
War, and all that fell on our 
heads because of it, let us heed the call of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi,
leader of 
the democratic opposition in Burma and laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize
(1991), for a FREE BURMA.
trying to gain an easy buck $$$ in Burma, over the bodies of the dead,
raped and tortured

Because of you, Burma is not forgotten. Help the Burmese whenever you
can, give to aid the Burmese
refugees in their plight. Remember, more than 60% of the heroin entering
the United States
comes from the drug lords of the illegal regime of Burma.

We at Euro-Burmanet, remain, Virtually yours,  Dawn Star, Euro-Burmanet,


Your pass into the following sites, and much more.


29 Oct 1996 11:04:14 -0700
tom_spontelli@xxxxxxxxx (Tom Spontelli)
Congratulations from DisInfo!

Dear Web Publisher,

Congratulations on the acceptance of "Euro-BurmaNet" into
subculture search engine.  The materials that you have published at
http://www-uvi.eunet.fr/asia/euro-burma/ have been deemed as being
the top 1% of all documents on the WWW for quality and
importance by our staff of reviewers!  It has been given our highest
rating of Four Grenades!

As I am sure that you are aware,  there is a war going on, an all out,
total information war that is being waged right now against every man,
woman and child on the planet. We are subject to disinformation
at every turn, from every pollster, statistician, pundit, talking head
expert, you name it... we are being lied to so the rich can get richer
the expense of Mother Nature and the very futures of our children and

For the first time in the history of Western Civilization is the average
person able to publish their documents to the world without intervening
censors.   This is an excellent opportunity to upset the information
paradigm that currently holds the reins of information to serve the
political and cultural interests of the powers that be.

If there are enough informed people, armed with the significant
intellectual ammunition necessary to combat the distortion, innuendo,
cunning semantic subterfuge of the popular media, a paradigm shift can
occur in this culture and we may be able to pull back from the brink of
political and environmental catastrophe, before it is too late.

I am sure that you yourself can see how the internet is being fashioned
into the next corporate marketing tool.  We think that we can take back
Internet as a medium of free information exchange.  The majority of
do not go on-line to see ATT's home page, but to find information that
would be hidden from them otherwise.

To this end DisInformation is dedicated to providing an information
management home for those who wish to publish, on the Internet,
critical information that is being ignored by the mainstream press.  We
will do this by providing a catalog and search engine of the most
provocative, and culturally relevant information pulled from the best
resources on the web (yourself included) to the internet audiences of
and tomorrow at no charge to the participants.

Since we do not support the "Corporate World View" of our colleagues, 
face corporate censorship at every turn.  We do, therefore, ask your
assistance in building this network of culturally alternative web sites
documents.  We humbly offer you the use of our search engine (in which
materials are indexed) for use on your web-pages.   It is only by
a high level of information service to sites like yours that we can hope
be an integral part of this critical aspect of the internet community.

This search bar will allow users to perform searches directly on topics
that they find of interest within your site.  For those users with
higher-end browsers, the search results will appear as a separate window
leaving your page on the screen.  This will be an invaluable research
for use with your site.  In the coming months, we will be able to
you with a search bar that can perform global searches or searches
the documents of your site only. Thus giving your site its own as it
internal search engine.  All of this we offer at no obligation to you,
simply in hopes of building a new mode of information exchange.  Thank
in advance for helping to build a more informed tomorrow.

Together, we can provide an important information antidote to the
mainstream of today and thereby create a more enlightened tomorrow!

Tom Spontelli
Publisher / Producer
DisInformation - the subculture search engine