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The Latest DVB in RealAudio (r)

Thank you so much for making her voice heard worldwide, Wrightson.
I have trouble downloadin dawaun1.ram and dawaun11.ram.
I am not sure whether others have trouble download/hearing them. 
Is there possible to convert them to u-law code? 
That way, one need not be connected to net after download.

So good to hear her voice indeed.


/* Written  5:05 AM  Nov 12, 1996 by wtongue@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in igc:reg.burma */
/* ---------- "The Latest DVB in RealAudio" ---------- */

The November 10'th program from the Democratic Voice of Burma can be 
heard at 


If you do not have a RealAudio player installed in your browser, these 
files will download and you can listen to them later when you have gotten 
the free player from


If you have difficulty hearing the files because of heavy use on the 
internet, the icon which downloads to your desktop will reconnect you 
later. Just double click on the icon for the file you want and it will 
connect you without opening your browser.

Peace and Courage,