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ABSL: High Soaring Birds Cassette A

Subject:       ABSL: High Soaring Birds Cassette Available

Hello ... everybody,

We have been distributing `High Soaring Birds Cassette"
since 1995.

The second recording of this REVOLUTIONARY CASSETTE
produced in India by ABSL is now available !

Whoever wants to have it, please let us know. 
Do write your full address in your mail so that we will be
able to send it to you.

Due to the financial crunch, we request you to bear the
expense of the postage.

Here comes .. some flavor of the Title Sounds in

     High Soaring Birds ( A Myint Pyan Nget Myar )

     Shrugging off the bonds of Adversity
     Escaping From the mouth of the wild Beast
     Called Calamity.....

     Flapping the wings of Faith
     In Victorious accomplishment.....

     May you soar mightily,
     Higher and higher towards
     Peace and Tranquility;
     Across the Sky of Freedom.    

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