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Many Burma group opposed to Suu Kyi

Subject: Many Burma group opposed to Suu Kyi (The Asian Age 13/11/96).

Many Burma Groups opposed to Suu Kyi'
Rangoon, Nov. 12.  Burmese state-run on Tuesday that it was 
difficult to say who was behind weekend democracy leader 
Aung San Suu motorcade because she has caused trouble for so 
many people.
"Suu Kyi will get into trouble if she thinks that every group she 
see is her supporters" official newspapers said. It is difficult 
allege specifically who are opposed to Suu Kyi, for Suu Kyi has 
caused trouble to various strata of society."
The commentary, written by a regular the penname Byatti but 
who is thought by many in Rangoon to be a senior military 
officer, recounted the official version of events leading to 
Saturday on Suu Kyi's motorcade. 
It say about 200 people opposed to the Nobel Peace laureate 
threw stones at motorcade, cracking several windows 
windshields of different cars in the convoy.
Ms Suu Kyi, who emerged unhurt from incident, blamed the 
government for orchestrating the two attacks an filed an official 
complaint with the police.  A government official said the 
attacks were acts of sabotage from which the government had 
nothing to gain.  He said authorities had launched an inquiry.
Diplomats said there was no doubt the government was 
involved.  They said on Saturday there were about 2,000 young 
men near Ms Suu Kyi's house, most of whom had been paid by 
the government to come from neighbouring townships to cause 
unrest.  They were the ones who attacked Suu Kyi's car, 
witnesses said. (Reuter)